Old school or 3 on 3 still

I have a feeling that the gameplay will be close to Capcom vs Tatsunoko but a little better than Capcom vs Tatsunoko.

The question is. Are we expecting the old school on 2 vs 2 or we’re planning to have the 3 vs 3. Also, do you think that perhaps that Marvel vs Capcom 3 will have a whole different engine that might allow us to team up.

An example: On Super Street Fighter IV. We have a new game mode that allows us to work in a team. However, in this game. 3 vs 3 or 2 vs 2, one of us select a character and we must work as a team to win.

An example

6 people in a lobby or 4 in a lobby and we all get to select a character and work as a team.

Player 1 Ryu vs Player 4: Strider
Player 2 Ken vs Player 5: Hulk
Player 3 Chu vs Player 6: Dr. Doom

As long as it plays like TVC, I’m happy.

Based on the Meristation article, 3 on 3 will remain intact.

3 on 3 will be intact. Sounds fun and we’re expecting an assist to help us out in connecting combo into infinite perhaps?

3v3 officially confirmed.