Old school SF rules

I was wondering what the rules were for the old school street fighter. Like world warrior.

From what I can remember it was No throws, no dizzies and you had to give secounds. Is there ant other rules I’m missing out here?

I remember that if You threw someone you were getting your ass kicked. Oh and if you wanted to go next you had to put you 25 cents up and call next.

screw the rules i have money

Many of my friends that I grew up playing with, and oddly enough my dad, would make pretty gay rules like “No Fireballs”, “No Dragon punches”, “No Throws”, “No Sweeps”…basically leaving punches and kicks. They also hated crossups and pretty much jump attacks in general. On the rare occation my dad does play SF with me, he usually just says the no fireball rule.

That’s what I remember. Or they would set it on the arcade screen and wait till somebody lost…

Why is this posted up twice?


neg rep coming your way buddy.

No way man. :rofl: :lol:

Because the first was in the wrong section, and they told him to. Not cool enough on the webs.

How could you have been here this long and still make such a retarded topic?

Its just funny to hear that people used to play the game like that. Those “rules” are ridiculous. I still know some people that dont throw because they think its cheap.

That no throw rule is babish at best. That basically makes Zangief useless.

no fireballs… no sweeps…:confused:

Play PONG then.

“No making the white stuff go fast/at an angle”

I lol’d

When I was in middle school I was playing Mortal Kombat over at my neighbors house for the first time, he was playing sub-zero and kept shooting ice blasts at me. Then he said because I kept crouching for two seconds, I had to let him hit me, because apparently I’m not allowed to just duck.

So he walked sub zero over and ate an uppercut.

Yeah rules are good, because I don’t follow them.

Anybody actually play the original SF still? Scary… that game is evil…

You had actually “rules” in the arcade!!! …like sone random guy comes, plays against you… and he throws…

ok, let’s say, he used the good-old jump+low punch (blocked) into throw…

then what used to happen?! …like you ask him to give you a quarter back?

I played some guy in ST on Kaillera while ago, who wasn’t still shitting his pants when SF2 was around and he also had the “No Throws” rule going on.

I told him he was allowed to not throw me if he wanted me too, but I was gonna throw him anyway. He was okay with this :smiley:

old school sf is ok but c’mon did there need to be a thread.

Not sure about in the US, but here there was also a no throw rule, but command grabs were allowed =/

Damn…reading this thread makes me glad my friends weren’t complete fucktards and everything was allowed. Mostly we all sucked and none were able to pull off moves on purpose.