Old School SNES Street Fighter 2 Turbo

I apologize if information like this is already posted somewhere, but
I’ve been looking for a while and I can’t find anything, anywhere on the
net. I actually registered for shoryuken just because I have been looking
for answers for so long.

Anyway, my roommate just bought an old SNES off ebay, and he is kicking
my ass at Street Fighter 2 Turbo, and this injustice will not stand.
(It’s the version where you can play as Sagat/Vega/M.Bison/Balrog, but
before they added Cammy and those other non-original characters.) Most
games I can find faqs, or guides to being slightly better than terrible,
but I guess sf2 is so old there’s nothing. I need some advice from an old
school sf2 master on who are the best characters, what strategies are
good, et cetera.

Please, help!

Can’t go wrong with Ryu, Ken, Dhalsim, Bison, and Guile.
Not sure how strong 'Gief was in this one. Was this before it was easier to get out of his tick throws?

Vega’s (claw) good too, but I hate his scrubby ass.

vega sucks ass in sf2t, so does bison

If Gief in SNES Turbo played the way that he did in Arcade Turbo, he is incredibly good (personally, I think Turbo is Gief’s best SF2 incarnation, although he was beastly in WW as well).

Lariat through any low attack to SPD was too good. The fact that his Lariat’s had good priority versus non-lows meant that zoning Gief was a lot harder in this version of SF2 than almost any other version.

Bison sucks in SF2T?
He was broken as hell in CE, and he was still alright in SSF2T, what makes him so terrible in Turbo?
I’m talking dictator Bison by the way, not the boxer.

ouroborus posting:

he got nerfed BADLY in sf2t. lost priority, lost damage, psycho crusher has gaps in it which can be dped, scissor kick has tons of lag afterwards

vega sucks in sf2t cuz he does no damage.

Since you’ve got the console, you can study the game as much as u want. One thing I’d suggest is studying hit boxes and hit ranges; I found those 2 things to be EVERYWHERE in this game, anytime ur ever hit. What kind of experience do u have, ur estimated skill level I mean, and who do u play with?