Old SF4 Rose main thinking of coming back


As the title suggests I am a SF4 Rose main who really just couldn’t get into the Street Fighter series after seeing Rose was not making a return. It has recently been brought to my attention that Menat seems to be very similar to Rose. Is this the case? Does she play similar to Rose?

Anyone here that has experience with Rose that now play Menat would be welcome to weigh in.


…right…so it looks like this game is dead then…sound of crickets


The only similarity I see is her reflect.


She does have a few resemblances and connections to Rose.

  1. In the story she is Rose’s apprentice. When she dies she yells master which refers to Rose.

  2. She has a soul throw anti air type move and a soul reflect in her v skill.

  3. She is based around mid range button pressing and zoning like Rose, but can hit people from so far away that she can hit from areas that Rose couldn’t.

  4. Her V Trigger 1 is basically a really anime version of Soul Satellite. It even allows you to make supers safe on block.

  5. Similar to Rose her defensive options are kinda limited.

  6. Overall she is still her own character. Has a Sim like dive, her orb when thrown away out at the opponent makes all of her normals cancelable at the expense of nerfing their hit boxes so she’s basically like 2 characters in one because of that, has an overhead, and her version of Rose’s soul spark fireball is more like a projectile that places on screen and explodes on command where you want to place it.

So basically elements of Rose, but she is her own character and you’ll have fun with her unique stuff. She is definitely more difficult to play and requires more execution than Rose did so good luck.


Rose was by far my best character in SFIV and I can’t warm up to Menat at all. The orb requires a different strategy than classic fireball zoning and Menat’s V-Trigger is a lot harder to use than any of Rose’s Ultras.

She’s worth giving a try for sure but I think Chun is closer to the SFIV Rose gameplay in this game than Menat.