Old SFII: TZW Tape and old tournament footage

Is there any way to get the TZW Tape and old tournaments (like old SFII, HF, ST) on a computer format or some other way?


buy a capture card

Emisary: Where the hell can you get these TZW Tape or vids?:eek::cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
Make a copy of that tape dude.

“Tomo vs Mike Watson” Tight

Goto MIRC and #gamecombos. Some servers are hosting them.

emissary I have tzw maxion and hf gamest… I’m like the ST footage king… just pm me when you’re hitting up the mall cause I have mad footage

Hear, Hear :slight_smile:

White Ninja: Can you make me a copy of those vids?

Does anyone have any of these vids for conventional download? Have wanted to see vids like these for 10 years! :eek:

crayfish: I normally do have these available for d/l when I’m at school on mirc #gamecombos

About making copies… I think you’d be better off just downloading them… or having someone else do it if you dont have internet