OlD sKoO ReTurNZ! (av request thread)


I know in the past all of my request threads have bombed because i was swamped with AV requests…but now i have no distractions from av making…except for skoo :smiley: :lol: :lame:

Anyhow request away!!!


Pick ups!:

Hadoken King!

Tonbarry (with the BLUE boarder)


N8 :smiley: :lol:



Pink Floyd




Kid Wu:





Well let’s see shall we, do you remember i’d say about hmmm maybe 2 months ago when i asked you for that request but for some aperent reason your thred just vanished just like that man.And you never got to do it well that’s what i want,can you remember what it was mr.fury?


Mang, just request something! :stuck_out_tongue:


can i make a request?

use the border that i have on my av now, u can change the font for my name if you want

and just do something with cloud / sephiroth type deal. even if you get those little chibi icons of them and throw them on there, that’d be tight, but that border needs to stay the same

thanks alot




Avatar done H king! C’mon people where’re the requests?


Animated.Team fantasy border.


Can I get one with a Cadillac theme (it’s for another forum)?

– tru3tn01
"down for the cause"


Tonny and tru3tn01 get cho avatars keep em commin!


hey man can i get an av with bison and paintin the fence, or somethin like that. Just be creative. thx much!!



Blue border,not red.


Thanks man, I love it – and talk about fast :slight_smile:


Lol, well jeebus look who has their panties in a twist :stuck_out_tongue: You could have atleast said thank you bro. and then asked for the different color boarder…and besides you didn’t make it apparent that you wanted to keep the boarder imaculate… It’ll be done in a min…//////EDIT\\\ already done…

@ Tru3. You’re welcome bro…I told ya i was gonna keep this one up :smiley:

@ N8. Sure mang i’ll have it for you in no time.

PS: I’ll be on XBL later on today…let’s play A-bison VS A-Bison :smiley:


Well next time have the decency to at least pm and tell me that you couldn’t do my av.


N8 your av is done bro. If u don’t like the cheesy-ness I’ll make you another one.

@ Ton: Yo man, my bad that I didn’t PM you. I had a lot of shit to take care of. and avatars were the least of my worries. I don’t want to start bad blood here man. But try not to take this too seriously…


I am not angry with you no worries there,i was just literaly letting you know that i was thinking what the hell went wrong, because your thred just suddenly disapeard like that,you follow me?.And i never got any info on if you were still going to make it or not,nothing more.I don’t let things like this get in the way of a good friend,so im sorry for acting that way and thank you for the av.


thumbs up, but can u change where it sez “team fantasy” back to the old font? my name u can leave.


Awesome bro!! haha, i likes, i likes, fast too. thx alot again mang!!

O yeah, if you wanna play on xbox live look for me tonight i’ll be on some time, not sure when though, just look for me. I think that we tried to play once b4, but the connection didn’t go through eh? We’ll get in some games tonight hopefully. Thx again for the tite av.



Glad you liked it Hadoking! :smiley: Sure i’ll change it for ya…

Ton-ton you’re welcome bro. :smiley:

Haha glad you liked it also N8 :smiley: that idea just sparked in mah head :smiley:


Hadoken King! All done :smiley: