Old Snake impersonator gets attacked by McDonald's employees over his Solid Eye


"Otacon, I need backup"
wtf? who would care this much?


i was really hoping this was a thread about SNAAAAAAAAAAKE

PS - this is why I avoid Europe. If he wanted to deal with asshole frenchies, they right at home in Canada (his country)


Cyborgs are people too!


aaaaaaah, my head hurts just thinking about this


See what happens when you don’t have a cardboard box?

On a serious note, I hope poetic justice could come in the form of an optic blast.


Modern day frankenstein…

It is attached to his fucking skull… holy…

Mad scientists do exist after all…


I still don’t get why they attacked him


FYI this guy is from my city, and a little bit of a hero. He’s been doing this cyborg shit for YEARS, and teaches robotics, electrical engineering, and computer sciences:


Europe is FULL of assholes.


What the fuck were they so worried he was going to do with it, though? Steal the recipe for their Krabby Patties??!


Old Snake? More like Adam Jensen.


I was waiting for McDonalds Incident 2012 to happen.


Still, to risk losing your job for no good reason? Like wtf do you have against him that would compel you to do something like that. This is the first time I see something that elicits a “why” which I really can’t answer


why they did attack him?







especially France.

Somebody send that black dude to France with a metal rod, to show them what a real McD’s beating is

I’m still shocked the french people all didn’t fucking retreat the moment a fight broke out


Whoa you weren’t kidding



he was my buddy’s prof when he was at University of Toronto, and a really interesting guy, and probably one of the greatest minds behind wearable computers, ever. To the regular person, he seems rather eccentric and I ain’t gonna lie, it was reall weird meeting him like 10 years ago, when he would have fucked up goggles on with wires coming out of everywhere. But he does it all on a meager budget, doesn’t worry about aesthetics, and most importantly IT WORKS.

It just isn’t idiot french proof :frowning:


The people that attacked him are just fucking retards

Case closed.


It was discrimination.


First off, I’m really pissed that they did this to him.

This guy has what the authorities and secret-keepers HATE: a permanent and accurate view into the world. If a cop hassles him, he gets pics of if and there’s not much they can do about it unless they perform surgery. Couple that with a camera that is capable of streaming to a remote server and you have an instantaneously and quite possibly live video recording of everything that happens to you. Something happens to you and someone you trust can retrieve the footage and bring your attackers to justice.

I’ve thought about this before and I wanna help make these type of things common place for journalists and other people who need to protect sensitive information that could get them harassed or killed. :tup:


I asked someone for directions on Champs Elysses years ago, and he literally spat in my face. I asked him where the closest coffee shop was and the dude hocked a loogie at me.