Old street fighter commercials

Hey guys this is my first post and I hope its in the right section. OK this video shows a feel old street fighter comemrcials including a “secret” promotional video for SF2 for genesis. Watching these broguht back memories, hope you guys enjoy.

Neat, a friend of mine still has the actual tape.

Heh, I remember this, old school shit. Nice one.

Totally Awesome

Heh, I actually recieved that tape waaay back then, but I picked up Mortal Kombat (and Shinobi III on the same day) instead, but I did grab Street Fighter II:CE shortly afterwards in all of its $70 glory(ugh, I barely had enough for Rocket Knight Adventures and shit).

LMAO, I recieved that stupid Street Fighter table-top game as well and it quickly joined the ranks of that stupid-ass Rock-em Sock-em Robots game in the attic among the petrified dog shit(the little bastard used to love sneaking into the attic and take mad shits in weird places).

Thanks for the link, Horrormike, it brought back some great memories. :tup:

“the special champion edition, is better than arcade, no lie”

even more crowd noise apparently,

maybe it was using the ‘blast signal processing’ ?? lol

(see sub was in states for that lying ass commercial.


But of course, they did have to try and sell their home copies as well and all. Where else could I hook up my Genny to the 20in TV in the bathroom and play some Street Fighter while taking a healthy shit. In such respects, then yeah the home version was better.

Beat E Honda, Zangief and Blanka and we will talk

about what exactly anyway ?

Rofl, wasn’t that kid like Capcom of America’s poster boy? I remember seeing him in a lot of their other shit.

Sidenote: Is anyone else annoyed with him repeating the same fucking double point hand gesture like 40 times in the 1st 3 seconds of the video?

Edit: ROFL @ that black dude - “DID YOU SEE THAT NEW MOVE?! THAT WAS BAD!” Oh, how I wish the 90s could come back. :sad:

That was the best part of the video, right after “THE GRAPHICS AND COLOURING ARE EXCELLENT!”

what ever happened to that kid ?, as that is the first time I have ever seen him

I’m pretty positive this is the same kid from the video… and various other Capcom ads from back in the day.


Edit: Is my hearig bad or does he call Ryu “Roo”?

yes he did

Oh my goodness! I haven’t seen that video in a looong time. I remember buying that when I was little at the Blockbuster by my house.

Oh man stone wash jeans <333

I wish I could buy that outfit. Awesome!!

those japanese commercials were BAD MAN. especialy the guile one.

Old. This was posted on karathrow.com long ago.


lol, I have that video. I submitted it to thatvideosite.com.

Back then Capcom’s pronunciation guides for us gaijin said “Roo” was the the correct pronunciation. That was when they still cared… <sniff>