Old style sticks that use rubber baseplates, not springs

i’m talking about the ones that use the big rubber doughnut baseplates.

i would like to know how to harden the rubber doughnut to get a tighter or stiffer feel on my stick?.. preferably i’d like to know where i can get a replacement.

I think a rubber’s hardness is somewhat predetermined. I know temperature can alter it’s stiffness (or lack there of) but I doubt you want to keep sticking it in the freezer. My only other idea is to make a mold of the rubber part and recast it with urethane which is sold in varying levels of hardness.
Though, it seems like a lot of work and I don’t know if it would turn out right in the end. Still, if you pulled it off, there’d probably be some old guys at BYOAC that you could sell duplicates to.:lol:

Got any links to pics of the stick model in question? I’m curious what it looks like now.

Mmm, yeah I don’t know that there is a (practical) way. Korean joysticks still use rubber instead of springs, and when theirs wear out they just replace the rubber, or the whole stick.

Sorry man, I’m guessing you have an old favourite you’re desperately trying to revive and I really hope somebody has a more optimistic answer for you!

i’ll have a look.

i have a preference for stiff euro style joysticks the japanese sticks tend to be a little too diagonal heavy for me.

which korean stick?

I’d rather replace the one I have, fixing it is damn near impossible.

do you have a pic of the rubber piece and the housing?

considering this is a board full of modders, maybe we can come up with an alternative to using a rubber piece. maybe build a new housing out of old springs.

either way i’d like to have a look at it if you can take a pic. sounds like a good challenge either way.

ok, give me a day or 2.

LOL… i’ll post it up within an hour.

BP probably gave out the best answer with casting it using urethane. That’s how you recast motor mounts for cars that aren’t produced anymore.