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<div align=“center”><div align=“left”><div align=“center”><h1 align=“center”><font size=“5”>COMBOS</font></h1></div><p>

</p><hr class=“bbcode_rule”>
<br><font size=“4”><b>Standard <font size=“4”>Combos</font></b></font><br></div><br></div> Cap combos tend to follow 4 parts: opener, launch series, ender launch, ground ender. For the most part you can make mods with these segments to create a vast array of flow charts based on hitstun, assists, DHCs, distance to corner, changing direction etc… So rather than post various combinations, here is a list of the pieces that make up Captain’s combos to form your own with optimal selections marked. Optimal midscreen and corner listed at the end. Several modifications can be made on some parts, but overall these cover optimal pieces to strive for given assumed remaining hit stun deterioration.<br>
<b><br></b><hr class=“bbcode_rule”>
<p><b><font color="#bbbbbb" size=“3”>Midscreen</font></b></p>

</b><ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>Maintain Direction
<ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>s.MMHS (optimal)</li>
<li>any normals into S</li>
<li>Side Switch<br><ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>any normals into c.H, qcf+H, dashx2 (side switch), s.MM, qcf+H, dash, qcb+L, S (Skip Launch section and go to Ender Launch section from here)<br></li></ul></li></ul><b>Launch Series:</b>
<ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>Maintain Direction
<ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>sjc.u+H, qcf+L (land), qcb+L, S, sjc.d+H, qcf+L (land), S (optimal, body must slightly fall after qcb+L and d+H must be done ASAP)</li>
<li>sjc.Hu+H, qcf+L (land), j.u+H, qcf+M (land), dash, qcb+L, S <br></li>
<li>sjc.u+H, qcf+L (land), j.u+H, qcf+M (land), dash, qcb+L, S <br></li>
<li>sjc.u+H, qcf+L (land), j.u+HS (land), qcf+L, s.HS (good for awkward characters and confirms)</li>
<li>sjc.u+H, qcf+L (land), j.Mu+H, qcf+L (land), s.HS</li>
<li>Side Switch<br><ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>sjc.u+H, qcf+L (land), dashx2 (side switch), s.MMS</li>
<hr class=“bbcode_rule”>
<b><font color="#bbbbbb" size=“3”><br>Corner</font></b><br>
</b><ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>(flush with opponent in corner) anything into s.H (slight pause) S (neutral super jump) (optimal)</li>
<li>any normals into c.HS (backwards super jump)</li>
<b>Launch Series:</b>
<ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>Maintain Direction
<ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>sjc.u+H, qcf+L (land), jump backwards, j.u+H qcf+M (land), dash, qcb+L, S (optimal)</li>
<li>sjc.u+H, qcf+L (land), jump backwards, j.u+HS (land), dash backwards, qcf+L, dash, s.H</li>
<li>sjc.u+H, qcf+L (land), jump backwards, j.Mu+H, qcf+L (land), dash, s.HS (good for awkward characters and confirms)</li>
<li>sjc.MHd+H, delay, LH (land), qcb+L, S (use this only if you accidentally super jump into the corner and can’t do the u+H, qcf+L variations or relaunch with an assist)</li>

<ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>Side Switch<br><ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>sjc.u+H, qcf+L (land), dash (side switch), s.HS, sjc.d+H, qcf+L (land), S (optimal, d+H must be done ASAP)</li>
<li>sjc.u+H, qcf+L (land), dash (side switch), s.H, qcf+H, dash, qcb+L, S<br></li>
<li>sjc.u+H, qcf+M (land), dash (side switch), neutral jump as you side switch, j.u+H, qcf+M (land), dash, qcb+L, S</li>
<li>sjc.u+H, qcf+L (land), dash (side switch), neutral jump as you side switch, j.Mu+H, qcf+L (land), dash, s.HS</li><b><i><strike>
</strike></i></b></ul><hr class=“bbcode_rule”>
<br><b>Ender Launch:</b> (Go down the list in order based on hit stun remaining. These are also valid replacements for first launch air combos when minimal hit stun scaling is needed.)
<ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>sjc.MMH, dbj.Md+HS<br></li>
<li>Hu+HS (only use if hit stun is still of issue, only basic qcf+L, qcb+ATK+ATK and a modified TK j.qcf+L explained further down will work after this if used late in combos)</li>
<b>Ground Ender:</b> Cap must adjust many of his combos based on distance to corner and distance to opponent after relaunch. sjc.MMH, dbj.Md+HS, sjc.MMHd+HS, and sjc.MHu+HS are interchangeable on placing the opponent at optimal distance away from Cap. Cap can dash forward or backwards to attempt some adjustment to maintain the best ender when the corner is of issue.<br>

<ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>far from corner lvl1:
<ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>sjc.MMHd+HS, land, j.qcf+L (OTG) (land), dash, qcb+L, qcb+H, qcb+ATK+ATK (optimal)</li>
<li>sjc.MMHd+HS, land, qcf+L (OTG), qcb+H, qcb+ATK+ATK</li>
<li>far from corner lvl3:
<ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>sjc.MMHd+HS, land, j.qcf+L (OTG) (land), dash, qcb+L, qcf+ATK+ATK (optimal)</li>
<li>sjc.MMHd+HS, land, qcf+L (OTG), qcb+H (1 hit), qcf+ATK+ATK</li>
<li>sjc.MMHd+HS, land, qcf+L (OTG), slight pause, qcf+ATK+ATK (time it so you dash into them just as qcf+L hits them on return)</li>
<li>close to corner lvl1:
</ul><ul><li>Any relaunch, land, qcf+L (OTG), qcb+ATK+ATK or dp+ATK+ATK</li></ul></li>
<li>close to corner lvl3:
</ul><ul><li>Any relaunch, land, qcf+L (OTG), qcf+ATK+ATK</li></ul></li>
</ul><p><b>Lvl 3 Extension:</b> Timing is very strict, but Cap is able to do qcf+L (OTG), qcb+ATK+ATK immediately after lvl 3 ends.</p><hr class=“bbcode_rule”>
<div align=“center”><div align=“left”><font size=“4”><b>Optimal Combos</b></font><br></div><br></div>These are your best midscreen and corner combos
<ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>midscreen - j.S (land), s.MMHS, sjc.u+H, qcf+L (land), qcb+L, S, sjc.d+H, qcf+L (land), S, sjc.MHu+HS (land), j.qcf+L (OTG) (land), dash, qcb+L, qcb+H, qcb+ATK+ATK</li>
<li>corner - j.S (land) (flush with opponent in corner), s.MMHS (neutral super jump), sjc.u+H, qcf+L (land), dash (side switch), s.HS, sjc.d+H, qcf+L (land), S, sjc.MHu+HS (land), j.qcf+L (OTG) (land), dash, qcb+L, qcb+H, qcb+ATK+ATK</li>

<hr class=“bbcode_rule”>
<div align=“center”><div align=“left”><font size=“4”><b>Ender Launch into Tiger Knee Shield Slash variations</b></font><br><br>These are listed in order based on damage and hitstun used. If you start your confirm with an assist or something to add more hitstun decay, go down the list (the second and third are purely preference on timing the qcf+L). It is noted that doing a neutral jump j.qcf+L is more consistent than an up forward so try to learn either u~qcf: or qcf~u if possible.
</div></div><ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>sjc.MMH, djc.Md+HS (land), dash, j.qcf+L (OTG) (land), dash, qcb+L, etc…</li>
<li>sjc.MMHd+HS (land), j.qcf+L (OTG) (land), dash, qcb+L, etc…</li>
<li>sjc.MHu+HS (land), j.qcf+L (OTG), (land), dash, qcb+L, etc…</li>
<li>sjc.Hu+HS, j.qcf+L (OTG) (due this before landing) (land), dash, qcb+L, etc… (very strict timing)</li>

<hr class=“bbcode_rule”>
<font size=“4”><b>Throw Combos</b></font>
<ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>Forward/Air Forward/Air Back throw, qcf+L (OTG), qcb+ATK+ATK</li>
<li>Forward/Air Forward/Air Back throw, assist, qcf+L (OTG), assist hit, combo… (begin executing the OTG and assist call earlier than you would expect)</li>
<li>Back throw, dash backward, qcf+L (OTG), dash, s.H, qcf+H, qcb+L, S, sjc.MHu+HS, ender…</li>

<hr class=“bbcode_rule”>
<font size=“4”><b>Assist Extensions</b></font><br><br>Cap usually has little benefit to assists mid combo. Typically assists are used to start the combo or extend the final part. This is a basic listing of common combo enders using :qcb:+:atk: which fully ignore hitstun deterioration.<br>
BnB combo, hard knock down from j.:s:…<br>

<ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>(Vergil rapidslash) corner…:a1:, :qcf:+:l: (OTG), assist hits, :s:, :qcb:+:l: (TK cancel with :u:), :qcb:+:h:, :qcb:+:atk::atk:</li>
<li>(Taskmaster horizontal) corner…:a1:, :qcf:+:l: (OTG), assist hits, :qcb:+:l:, :qcb:+:h:, :qcb:+:atk::atk:</li>
<li>(Taskmaster horizontal) corner…:a1:, :qcf:+:l: (OTG), assist hits, :qcb:+:l:, :qcf:+:atk::atk: - lvl3</li>
<li>(Dr. Strange bolts) corner…:a1:, :qcf:+:l: (OTG), assist hits, :qcb:+:l:, assist hits, :qcb:+:l:, :qcb:+:h:, :qcb:+:atk::atk:</li>
<li>(Sentinel charge)midscreen…TK j.:qcf:+:l: (OTG), :a1:, dash, TK :qcb:+:l:, assist hits, :s:, super jump, huge delay, sjc.:s: (on drones last hit), :qcf:+:l:(OTG), :qcb:+:atk::atk:</li>
<li>(RR log)midscreen…TK j.:qcf:+:l: (OTG), :a1:, dash, TK :qcb:+:l:, assist hits, dash twice, :qcb:+:l:, :qcb:+:h:, :qcb:+:atk::atk:</li>
<li>(RR log)midscreen…TK j.:qcf:+:l: (OTG), :a1:, dash, TK :qcb:+:l:, assist hits, dash twice, :qcb:+:l:, :qcf:+:atk::atk: - lvl3</li>
Hyper into hypers:<br>

<ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>Doom (missiles): BnB combo, hard knock down from j.:s: in corner…<br>
:a1:, slight pause:, :qcf:+:l: (OTG), :qcb:+:atk::atk: (full mash), assist hits, :s:, :qcb:+:l: (TK cancel with :u:), :qcb:+:h:, :qcb:+:atk::atk:</li>
<li>Sentinel (charge): BnB combo, hard knock down from j.:s: midscreen near corner…<br>
TK j.:qcf:+:l:, :a1:, dash, :qcb:+:atk::atk:, assist hits, :qcb:+:l:, :qcb:+:h:, :qcb:+:atk::atk: (very distance from corner specific!!!)</li>

<hr class=“bbcode_rule”>
<font size=“4”><b>X-Factor Extensions</b></font><br><br>Cap can typically kill anyone in the cast with a properly timed X-factor, especially with a happy b-day. These are more useful methods of use beyond hyper into hyper.<br>

<ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>XF3 infinite: opponent above you anywhere on screen… qcb+L (repeat)</li>
<li>Midscreen Hyper into combo: qcb+ATK+ATK, XFC, dash, qcf+L, dash, S, sjc.MHu+HS, qcf+L, dash, S, sjc.MHu+HS, ender…</li>
<li>Midscreen b-day Hyper into Hyper: qcb+ATK+ATK, XFC, dashx2 (ASAP), qcf+L, qcb+ATK+ATK</li>
<li>Early combo corner Hyper into combo: qcb+ATK+ATK, XFC, c.LMHS, ender…</li></ul><p>

</p><hr class=“bbcode_rule”>
<br><b><font size=“4”>Near Corner and Corner Corrections</font><br><br></b>Many of the combos listed above have side switch variations with the intent to control direction and gain access to more optimal combos whether it be Cap’s solos that require mid screen enders or assist extensions that prefer corner variations toward the end. Typically when starting a launch near a corner, always attempt a neutral super jump into sjc.:u:+:h::qcf:+:l:, unless flush with the corner this should always connect and allow you to make any adjustments needed to optimally combo. You should avoid using forward super jump extensions as they will only allow difficult and low damaging normals to be use as well as a much harder relaunch, these are best used when a mistake is made and you need to salvage the combo. Using s.:h: flush with the corner is not only optimal for all openers, but will cause Cap to push himself out of the corner as it hits, allowing for a very easy corner combo confirm. <br><ul class=“bbcode_list”></ul>

Oh Say Can You See! Captain America video thread!
That's why I'm a super soldier. Combos/Resets!

<h1 align=“center”><font size=“5”>ADVANCED TECH</font></h1><p>

</p><hr class=“bbcode_rule”>
<font size=“4”><b><br>Resets</b></font><br>

<ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li><p><b><font size=“2”>Corner Shield Roll Trap (forward tech trap):</font></b> BnB into corner, finish with hard knockdown j.S (land), j.qcf+L (whiff 1st hit), brief pause, ATK+S (as opponent begins to move) - if they tech forward, your roll will autocorrect and recross them as your qcf+L shield returns.</p></li>
<li><p><b>Early Ender Corner Shield Roll Trap (forward tech trap):</b> Same as before but if you land qcf+L (OTG) early in the combo, they will hit the ground to set up the tech trap attempt, rather than slip out into the air if this is done late in a combo. Consider this when you mess up a corner combo relaunch and need a reset to kill.<br></p></li>
<li><b>Assisted Corner Shield Roll Trap (multi tech trap):</b> BnB into corner, finish with hard knockdown j.S (land), jump, j.qcf+L (whiff 1st hit), brief pause, assist, ATK+S (as opponent begins to move) - same concept as before but requires an assist that will time with the opponent rising and cover neutral and back tech.<br><ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>Back tech - roll crosses opponent just as your assist hits them</li>
<li>Neutral tech - roll crosses opponent just as your assist hits them (opponent recovers quicker than tech)</li>
<li>Forward tech - roll recrosses opponent as they cross you and either the assist hit if the hitbox reaches that far back, or :qcf:+:l: hits on return<br></li>
Cap can influence the assists position more by intentionally jumping into the corner as they call the assist to push them into the opponent more.<br><ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>EX: (Doom missiles assist) combo to corner, j.S (land), jump forward (over opponent), assist, qcf+L, land, slight pause, ATK+S, c.M (do this as a confirm to combo or to begin a block string). - opponent will either get hit by shield or by missiles going up allowing for full combo.</li></ul><p>Be careful as the timing is very strict on making this completely safe to all wake up options with most assists. An opponent can alter timing between forward/back or neutral (faster). If done wrong, Cap can be throw during his roll, so your assist must hit meaty on wake up.</p></li><li><p><b>Forced Air Tech Combo to Throw Reset:</b> After doing a long combo, intentionally choosing an ender launch that doesn’t use double jump and will cause an opponent to flip out (EX: :m::m::h:::d:+:h::s: will result in the opponent flipping out between the :m:'s or :m::h: on some combos, before you execute :d:+:h:). Simply double jump and throw to catch them as they flip.</p></li><li><p><b>Forced Air Tech OTG to Throw Reset:</b> After a long combo, when doing :qcf:+:l:(OTG), the opponent will be forced to air tech rather than ground tech. Jump accordingly and air grab them. </p><ul class=“bbcode_list”>

</p><hr class=“bbcode_rule”>
<font size=“4”><b><br>Set Ups</b></font><br><ul><li>
<b>Incoming Character Shield Slash Cross Up:</b> On an incoming character, with some timing you can do j.:qcf:+:h:, land, :atk:+:s:. Timing and spacing is difficult, but can easily be covered with an assist for an added layer and coverage on the roll.<br></li><li><b>Anti-Advance Guard Shield Slash Pressure</b>: During a basic pressure string with normals, if you get advanced guarded cancel into :qcf:+:m: or :qcf:+:h:. You can react to the scenario in numerous ways:<br><ul><li>On block, you are given a frame trap/free pressure string opportunity by throwing out a normal just before the shield returns and repeating the process or comboing.</li><li>On whiff you will likely recover in time and can back dash and move to attempt to reset them on the shield coming back</li><li>If the opponent attempts to punish, you have plenty of time to react and do either hyper based on which invincibility you need. <br></li></ul></li><li><b>Assisted Stars and Stripes:</b> Certain assists can cover and/or confirm off Stars and Stripes. This move is not used often do to limited reward and huge safety concerns, but with the right assist you can freely abuse it at disadvantage to get out of pressure or make a win/win guess. Remember that :dp:+:l: has 1 vulnerable frame before the hitbox is active, so you want to attempt to work this with either :dp:+:m: or :dp:+:h:.<br></li><li><b>Stars and Stripes to Hyper Charging Star to Safe DHC: </b>Stars and Stripes can confirm into hyper if you input the hyper before the active frame connects, the timing is very fast. This is ideal for getting out of pressure set ups for free when you have meter to spare. Keep in mind this should only be used if the :dp:+:atk: will connect on it’s first active frame, any longer and Cap will leave the ground and be unable to cancel into the hyper. The main reason for this is to cancel into Hyper Charging Star for more damage and easier DHC (this however is based on team and DHCs) by giving it invincibility before you activate it versus doing Hyper Stars and Stripes. Another major perk is your opponent will not be alerted to the attack by a hyper flash and given a chance to respond.</li><li><b>Hyper Stars and Strips XFC mix up:</b> Perform a blocked Hyper Stars and Stripes, then XFC near one of the points he either jumps or is about to land and immediately hit c.:l: and attempt to confirm. You will either get an instant high or low that is very hard to block when timed right.</li><li><b>Shield Slash Self Frame Traps:</b> This is simply throwing :qcf:+:atk: at the proper time and distance so that the return of the shield leaves a small gap before the 2nd hit. If they mistime an advance guard or attempt to punish Cap, the shield will hit them.<br></li><li><b>Assisted Fuzzy Guard Instant Overhead:</b> If you can force an opponent to block an assist while standing, depending on the assist and distance, you will be able to do j.:l: while flush with the opponent for an unduckable instant overhead. Not all assist will keep you safe if you attempt this or have any decent conversion, you will have to experiment with your team to see what possibilities there are. Here are two examples of a set up, plus a conversion that doubles as a safe block string if the over head is blocked:<br><ul><li>Vergil Rapid Slash assist in corner: forward jump + :a1:, j.:d:+:h:, *opponent blocks standing, land,  **assist is now being blocked, j.:l:, delayed :d:+:h:, land, c.:l::m::h::s:, combo… (high, high, high, low)<br></li><li>Doom missiles anywhere: :a1:, jump, j.:d:+:h:, *opponent block standing, land, **assist is not being blocked, j.:l:, delayed :d:+:h:, land, c.:l::m::h::s:, combo… (high, high, high, crossup + low [cross up midscreen only])</li></ul><p>These both provide numerous mix up opportunities and are safe to attempt so long as I know they will have to block my j.:d:+:h:. If they block right, they must deal with a 2nd frame trapping :d:+:h: after the j.:l: attempt. Their only real defense is advance guarding and some assist last long enough that Cap can run in behind them and make the conversion without fear (sentinel charge)<br><br>**For those wondering what a fuzzy guard is, when you block an attack, standing or crouching, your character model is left in that position. If you change from standing to crouch block while being pressured after the first block, your character will still block properly, but will no longer switch into the according stance. This means if you block while standing on a true block string, you can block low, but you character will not crouch, making them vulnerable to moves that would normally whiff.</p></li></ul><p><br></p><hr class=“bbcode_rule”>
<font size=“4”><b><br><font size=“4”><font size=“4”>Move Analysis<br><br><font size=“2”>Normals:</font><br></font></font></b></font><ul><li><p><font size=“2”>c.:l: -</font> Very fast low (i4) with good range. Pretty much used as your go to ground poke. Despite its speed, note that it is NOT self canceling and is NOT a true frame trap.</p></li><li>c.:m: - This is a versatile normal for Cap. It has better range than c.:l: when you need to connect off a confirm or pressure string out of range, is good for covering an opponent trying to jump over an expect c.:l: follow up, a decent anti air since it lowers Cap’s hurt box.</li><li>c.:h: - Decent ranged low. Mainly used in common pressure and confirm strings when s.:h: is not preferred. Use this in normal openers on ground to airs, s.:h: risks dropping them. Try to avoid this in optimal combos as it is suspect for adding more hitstun decay than s.:h:. Delaying it after a blocked c.:m: is a very good way to punish a chicken block or whiffed advance guard with a frame trap low.<br></li><li>s.:l: - A basic fast light. Decent for close anti air, but not for crouching opponents.</li><li>s.:m: > :m: - Only used when you are sure the first hit will connect from either a punish on a standing opponent or a follow up to a jump in. The first hit will whiff most crouching opponents, but is the ideal combo starter if it connects.</li><li>s.:h: - Slow, but very heavy block and hit stun. It also has impressive range and acts as a kara and even a double self cross up! This is a very valuable move to learn how to use for many reasons<br><ul><li>In combos it is the ideal :h: input and in corners gives him the ability to push out to do optimal combos.</li><li>Hit/block stun allows cap to do very tricky set ups by doing :atk:+:s: + assist or cancel into another move as a frame trap.</li><li>You can cancel before the active hitbox, causing your opponent to hesitate as you set up a cross up.</li><li>The kara cancel into :atk:+:s: or :qcb:+:atk: is very significant and can make it very hard to read what you are doing and when you canceled it.<br></li><li>It is very solid as a long range meaty hit to keep people out.</li><li>Caps hit box moves forward as he swing his legs, and return to his original position, this creates a very small double cross up opportunity when used with assists.<br></li></ul></li><li>:s: - Safe launcher in most cases (-4 with good push back). It works as a very solid anti-air, but will be unsafe if blocked and not covered by an assist.</li><li>j.:l: - A basic low angled jab. It’s only real use is for very low to the ground over heads, fuzzy guard instant overheads, and starting long enough air block strings to reach the ground.</li><li>j.:m: - A basic air medium. It’s only real uses are as a standard to air combos and as an air attack for easy follow up adjustments when you’re unsure of the angle and timing for the j.:h:'s to convert properly.</li><li>j.:h: - A very well ranged air to air and decent ground to air. Get in the habit of knowing when to use this over :d:+:h: and :u:+:h: as it does well on it’s own as well as provides a throw option select. You can also use it as a way to get a meaty jump in that will connect with Cap lower to the ground than :d:+:h:, to make it hard to react to the follow up. As well Cap can double jump out of this attack unlike the others.<br></li><li>j.:d:+:h: - An incredible air to ground attack. The hit box is huge, crosses up, beats out a lot of attacks, tons of block/hit stun, etc… This is Cap’s main jump in attack in almost every situation. It’s also key to adjusting certain air combos.<br></li><li>j.:u:+:h: - A great air to air that hits in front and above. It can be used pretty much like j.:h:, but lacks the option selects and double jump after, however an even deeper meaty ground to air… It does slightly more damage than the others as well.</li><li>j.:s: - A decent ground to air, but is often outclassed by :d:+:h’s superior hitbox. However, visually it is much more ambiguous as to which side Cap will be on and the hitbox extends farther behind Cap during cross ups. Typically this is used in scenarios where you have the advantage and are positioned directly over the opponent, making it hard to guess the cross up.<br></li></ul><p><b>Specials:</b><br></p><ul><li>:atk:+:s: - Cap’s cross up pseudo teleport. This will pass through opponents and all attacks, but is unsafe on it’s own. It is fully invincible in its first frames, but not to throws. Used in conjunction with an assist and karas, this is a very tricky move to read and is also a great form up movement in some cases. Since it is invincible on the first frame, you can use this as an auto out from an opponent attempting to punish a normal or create a pressure string. You can then take it further and cancel the roll into a hyper basically adding free invincible frames as well as a cross up before the attack.<br></li><li>:qcb:+:atk: - Invincible to light and medium projectiles, but unsafe. Also note Cap still maintains moment after the hit box, so executing the proper one at the right range is important to avoid punish. A good thing to note is this has a VERY good hit box and will beat out most normals and even functions as an anti-air. It also have a very fast startup.</li><li>:dp:+:atk: - Standard invincible SRK, but with no real self follow up beyond canceling the first active frames into a hyper before he is airborne. Typically it’s not worth the risk, but with the right assists and X-factor it can be made safe and fully confirmed. Note that the :l: version has 1 vulnerable frame before it’s active hitbox, so do not use it to beat out meaty hits.</li><li>:qcf:+:atk: - Cap’s main source of pressure and set ups. Learning which to use and when is VERY key. Note that all 3 versions have a different start up and recovery time with the fastest being :h:, then :m:, then :l:. Mixing these up can leave your opponent guessing how to react based on range in pressure strings and zoning. If properly spaced, it will frame trap itself or provide a gap to make your own with Cap normals. You can always dash and advance guard the second hit to stay in as well. A key tactic is to move around once Cap is able to and control the path of the shield on return. While Cap’s shield always returns and loses its hitbox after hitting a projectile while being sent out, if it makes contact on the return the hitbox will remain and eat up all projectiles on it’s way back as well as hit opponents. If an opponent tries to chase you, they take a major risk getting clipped just as it makes it’s way back. Also to be noted this will hit behind Cap if he does :atk:+:s: making an ambiguous cross up. Cap’s :l: of course OTG’s and is a staple in all combos. <br></li><li>j.:qcf:+:atk: - Similar to the ground version but speeds and safety are less drastic between each other. Doing j.:qcf:+:l: is Cap’s best way of zoning as it is faster and safe than standing versions as he becomes safe the moment he touches the ground. The :l: version OTG’s as well and is a staple in advanced combos or attempting a pick up slightly too far to confirm for the standing version.</li></ul><p><b>Lvl 1 Hypers:</b><br></p><ul><li>:qcb:+:atk::atk: - Cap’s go to ender Hyper since it
has more hits than his other lvl1. Travels 3/4ths screen and is
invincible to all projectiles except Zero’s lvl 3. It is not invincible
to any other hitboxes and has a shorter forward hitbox than his
:qcb:+:atk: versions, so it is very possible to be beaten out by meaty
normals or ones with decent range. For some characters it is hard to
convert midscreen to DHC due to the huge push back and low carry near
the end of the hits.<br></li><li>:dp:+:atk:atk: - Good for punishing any
predictable move such as another Hyper or an attempt to punish a move
like :qcb:+:atk:. It is hard to convert well in most cases due to the
height. Note that it will beat all throw and command attempts during
it’s earliest phases. This move is also misleadingly safer than it
seems, Cap recovers the instant he touches the ground so he must be
punished while falling. <br></li></ul><p><b>Lvl 3 Hyper:</b><br></p><ul><li>:qcf:+:atk::atk: - This lvl 3 is rarely used simply because in most cases Cap is played on point and second and DHC’ing is often a more damaging and meter efficient alternative. The set ups also cut the combo early at times. The invincibility frames are late in the animation as well. It can however be followed up with a perfectly time :qcf:+:l:(OTG) and does very good damage if it does land.<br></li></ul>

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Honzo Gonzo Combos:<br>
MyNameisE Resets and TACs<br>
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You’re first post blew my mind with how it’s setup. I wish I could hug you over the internet


How does this work? wouldn’t they tech in the air if you tried to reset with OTG SS?


Sorry i edited out my response as it was incorrect. I’ll update the OP, but the trick is to do a jumping :qcf:+:l: after the knockdown so the 1st part whiffs.Sorry about the confusion, good catch


I don’t see the point of giving “change direction” so much space when cap can go cost to coast to easily. good stuff though.


The point of turn around is gaining access to the TK enders. you want to end at the corner with Cap but he gets more damage without assist if you down them with j.:s: midscreen to do the TK :qcf:+:l: into charging stars. otherwsie all you get is standing :qcf:+:l: into hyper. The other reason is to prevent getting too close to corner during the 1st launch missing your chances to relaunch. Cap always finishes the hyper into corner, but you need to control distance to corner prior and these are very helpful solutions.


To optimise it as much as possible, st.:s: instead of st.:h: as it does that little bit more damage but obviously you have to do :qcb::ub:+:l: in the Tiger Knee motion. Personally I stick to st.:h: as less chance of messing it up in case I mistime the TK and just do a super jump.

Also the back throw combo needs changing. I found a more optimal one which I’m sure I posted in the combo thread going:
Throw, :qcf:+:l:, St.:h: :qcf:+:h:, St.:h::s:, j.:m::h::u:+:h::s:, land jump j.:qcf::l:, :qcb:+:l:, :qcb:+:H:, :qcb:+::atk::atk:

Good job none the less.


Thanks, keep the updates coming. I’m trying to test these as much as possible before putting them in for accuracy. I’ve been meaning to try the :s: ender with doom but wasnt sure if it would pop them too high.

I’ll update that those in.


:s: into TK :qcb::l: (light charging star) will always be the most optimized ender for combos providing the assists you are using allow for it in the first place. just remember if it was at all possible to do this ender normally, when x-factored you can almost always get a second :qcb::atk: before going into hyper.


do :qcb:+:h: after the 1st :qcb:+:l:, more damage, meter, and carry.


Been messing about in training mode and found this using backflip with the missiles to get 4 charging stars to end a combo in the corner. Needs a lot of work as this combo is extremely inconsistent (tried on a few other chars) and works on She-Hulk because she has long legs but I’m sure someone can come up with some more practical use for it. Currently thinking maybe that this can be used if you want to get a bit more meter or maybe even to come up with a reset of some sort. Sorry for the quality, currently using the free version of XSplit to record using my new capture card (as the software pre-loaded doesn’t record it very well). Will reupload when I can get the chance.



Ok a lot of the stuff I wanted is the 3 OPs carried over from the old thread and updated. I left some videos and info behind as they have been replaced by more current technology. There’s still some things I’m aware with cap I would like to add but haven’t had a chance to test personally to confirm. Right now I’m curious about:
[]corner~ :qcf:+:l:(OTG), :qcf:+:atk::atk: - I have seen this and have yet to pull it off. Any input on this would be nice. I saw this without use of x-factor.
]:qcf:+:atk::atk:, :qcf:+:l:(OTG), :qcb:+:atk::atk: - apparently you can follow captains lvl 3 up with an OTG SS, I have not been able to reproduce this yet.
[*]Cap TAC
Keep up the posts and correct any issues or ask any question on what you see in the OP.


First point, the only time I’ve ever done that is in challenge mode. Every other time I have found to be so inconsistent that I never bothered with it.
I can do the second one and is very much possible even after an extremely long combo (although I think I have only done it once as I usually have x-factor which pretty much finishes the opponent or the level 3 kills)
The last one I was messing about when trying to find infinite but for non-infinite I think it was something like this:
[]Down or side TAC: j.qcfM, land, qcbL, qcbH, HCS. This works both midscreen and corner but for side one, it will vary depending on how high you are when you do the exchange
]Up TAC in corner: can’t remember exactly but it went something like j.MdH, j.LdH, land, qcbL, qcbH, HCS
[*]Up TAC midscreen: completely forgot this one.


On the final justice conversion off otg ss, it is dependent on the combo length. If you try it after a simple magic series it connects quite easily, but if you attempt it after any real cap combo its going to miss. Not a big loss overall as most DHC’s from HCS do only slightly less while saving a bar.

As for cap’s 4bar, it can be done after any final justice. The timing is the same xf or not. Final Justice always ends on the opposite side you started and time the l.ss to come out as soon as FJ ends. So you have to start the ss motion while the cutscene is reverting back to the normal view.


lol I just noticed that you posted my mvc3 combo video. . . .it might be more beneficial to post my umvc3 video lol.

Also one thing I’ve noticed about cap is that I have kinda hit a wall with him “combo potential” wise. . . . .Most characters get into real big damage (900k, 1mil, etc.) by using a move that has a set amount of hitstun to it, or a move that has so much hitstun that it can still be used late in a combo. Examples, 80k zipline grapple with spencer, set hitstun, set damage output which makes it very good. Cr.H with vergil, always causes soft knockdown so it can be used late in combos over and over again (hence the loops).

Cap unfortunately doesn’t have any of this. The only move he has that does a set amount of hitstun/ soft knockdown on hit is charging star. And charging star knocks the opponents too close to the ground to get more than 2 or maybe even 3 in one combo. So thats why I feel like our efforts should start to really shift towards figuring out Cap only resets or Cap tech that helps his neutral game. Unless somebody comes out with some new tech to stretch Caps damage drastically. . . . .I think we’ve topped off at around 800k lol.


Agreed and i’ll hunt down the newer vid tomorrow. It’s just nice for newer players to have a proper place to learn the cap variations. I use several in matches based on starting hit confirm and corner distance.

I feel we need to explore assist synergy resets as well.


ive hit 900k and have maxed out at 950k from midscreen but i believe its…like always…entirely starter, assist and screen dependent!

the team i first hit this mini-milestone with was cap (y,) viper (y,) and iron man (a.) the second team was what i got 950k although its just a beam swap using thors mighty spark haha.

the combo is - from round start…j:s:, :m:, :m:, :h:w/:a1: (viper assst y,) :qcb:l, :s:, j.:d::h:, :qcf:l: (land,) :qcb::l:, :s:, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h:,j.:d::h:, j.:s: (land) :a2: (iron man assist a,) :qcf::l:, :s:, TK:qcb::atk:, :qcb::atk::atk: (mash.)

biggest difference with using thor is…probably because of my execution and timing problems…it seems easier getting an additional charging star after the last standing :s:.

end of combo is now this - (land) :a2: (thor assist a,) :qcf::l:, :s:, TK:qcb::l:, :qcb::h:, :qcb::atk::atk: (mash.)


He was referring to Cap solo bnbs, I think the highest we got was just under 840K.

I have measured the damage of assisted combos however. I’ve hit over a mil with drones and hidden missiles, but that involved using two meters unfortunately lol. Still a fully optimized bnb for 950k is pretty strong, with a dhc you should be looking to kill Thor, good stuff ^^


This thread is amazing.