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Really fast delivery, extremely good service. I will certainly be doing business w/ you in the near future. For those who were skeptical (or paranoid rather) when EJM did the group order, I can assure you that there was no hoax/scam involved in any way. I didn’t even do the order through EJM, got it directly from laugh himself. He’s a very trustworthy fellow.

I didn’t hesitate to order from him and sent him my payment fast, and received my package much faster than I expected. He got me the colors just like I specified and even went out of his way to make sure I got the brown switches (good ones).

Here’s some proof:

Box side
Package Slip
Opened Box
Fanta Sticks
Brown micro-switches

Everything’s in great condition.

looks frigging awesome.
I want a green FANTA in my Saulabi, the only thing is i dont know if it fits. I dont even know if the Saulabi comes with a stock FANTA… Please help me out on this one!
sticks site : www.isaulabi.com

I got my order in as well, and everything was top notch. And here are some pics. Korean Parts

Judging by circular black area around the shaft of the saulabi, I believe the stick is designed in the typical Korea style, even if it is a less quality build.Crown sticks have the same build so it would seem logical that a korean stick company keep that style.

The best thing you can do is open the saulabi and unscrew the stick off. Look for the slightly more than 1/2 inch high black,plastic area around the shaft (look at my “Fanta sticks” link above for reference).

2nd, the holes for the screws should be exactly 2 inches apart on the short sides and exactly 3 inches apart on the long sides.

If these 2 conditions are met, then yes, you can make the switch. :tup:

I was looking through the pictures and i wanted to know how the korean pushbuttons are compared to the sanwas? If i’m buying in bulk, might as well buy some buttons as well.

The buttons are pretty good. They give a little more resistance than Sanwa. They feel a little like Seimitsu buttons IMO. Mounting them you can use the standard 1 1/8 bit for the hole. :tup:

Which stick do you think is the best one for street fighter? Can you give us a reveiw on the parts you received?

Crown Round Actuator Deco Switches

Good all around stick, identical to the FANTA but feels like it has a slightly longer throw.

Crown Round Actuator with Plate

Again it is a round actuator stick with a plate, small throw. I like the plate, lets me feel diagonals. Haven’t had too much play time on it but I like it.

Crown Sqaure Actuator

This is like a Comp or Ult. Happ stick. But with a much smaller throw. Feels good, but I need to get more time playing on it to decide.


This a great stick, the more popular one found in the arcades. Fast, smooth, and short throw.

They are all good sticks but my 2 favorites are the Crown Round Actuator with Plate and the fanta.
As to which one is the best for SF, I really can’t say. They would all get the job done. It’s probably going to fall down to personal preference. :tup:

Oh, my good lord some of those switches are bent to hell! :wow:

But yeah, these sticks all look rather well-engineered and very good, and I sort of regret not buying a couple if only to check them out… Except for the deal with the thick, rubber, dust cover. I just find that hella unappealing. :rolleyes:

EJM might still have some parts available if you PM him. I just ordered a few things from him. Thanks EJM

Oh damn! I thought the K-part order project was cancelled! :sad:

Crap, so who bulk ordered? EJM? If so, what did you order? Do you have any spares? I had a somewhat big order going but as I said before, I thought the plan was terminated…

If possible, do you have AT LEAST one spare Fanta you could hook me up with? PM if possible.

Ah, okay. The last time I posted here was when the ordering was still going on so I did not know. Still, would’ve been nice to know that somebody was still going to bulk order… :sad:

anyone know the semantics of mounting a FANTA in a hori HRAP? i’m fully content with sanwa buttons but i wanna try some new sticks ;]

Okay, this is starting to come up a lot. Many people now want to put korean sticks in HRAP.

The quick answer is “NO,” you can not just simply drop the korean stick into a HRAP.

If you wish to do it you are going to have to do some modding. There are no mounting holes on a korean stick that correspond to anything on a sanwa. You are going to have to dremmel to make it fit.

Also you are going to need a clearance inside the HORI of about 2" to properly mount it. If not you are going to have the huge dust cover sticking out which will make it look bad.

Hey laugh, thanks, it finally came in haha, 2 weeks from shipping date. i’m relieved and so are you i think haha.

stick is very lightweight which is cool, can hold in one hand. now i must test and adapt all over again.

i just tried it a few hours ago, (a day after i got it haha), but damn it works nice!

it seemed so effortless to wavedash and electric. and the buttons are close and nice, i think i’ll try RC electricity again. i might never buy another stick again. thanks laugh.


I just played with the “sticknara” i bought to Laugh.
The case is very light, but doesn’t move on my knees. I like the design.
It’s right, WD is a lot easier with korean sticks. I WD pretty good with Sanwa, but with korean i WD a lot easier and… FASTER. I must adapt myself cos’ i’m sure i lost execution time.
The stick is very smooth and accurate.
Buttons are sensitive, not like sanwa’s but it doesn’t matter. Layout is good.

So one of the best stick i have. And cheap.
It was a really big pleasure to deal with Laugh. You can trust him with blind eyes.


what does a korean stick feel like? is more like a japanese stick or an american stick?

laugh- which one of the made joysticks(box and everything) is the best? could i get it thru you and how much for the ps2 one? thanks