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Just wanted to say that I got some stuff from ‘laugh’ as well. Good guy to deal with, I’d give his service a thumbs up.

Let’s see some install pics.

i wrote a long post talking about the korean stick feel, but in the end it got too confusing.

but i’ll probably never buy another stick again after using this. it really was a surprise the first time i tried it for tekken. i was doing the same exact motion i was doing for american sticks for certain movements, but on american stick it didn’t work, and on korean stick it works. with street fighter, american and japanese sticks are good enough, but for tekken if you want to wd well and easily, you should get korean. you haveta take care of it though, i wouldn’t recommend it for marvel though with all the mashing and stuff.

Laugh - YGPM

I just got my stick, and I must say, this stick is frickin LOOSE! My other Korean stick is tight as hell, but this one is Sawna loose. It’s too good. Thanks a lot laugh, I hope to do business with you again.

I got the missing stick. Thanks again

how much is a korean stick??

Hey, what’s the brand name on those Korean buttons? I think I might get some to replace the clunky stock buttons on my Saulabi.

edit- Or, do Seimitsu/Sanwa buttons fit inside it? I have the SPS-3000 (found it for cheap in Seoul) and it’d be way easier to find JP buttons to put inside.

where to order? how to pay? and do you ship international?

laugh: what size holesaws do i need for crown buttons, start buttons, and the stick hole

k i guess i can use a 1-1/8" (happ) holesaw for the buttons, 15/16" for the start buttons, and i’ll have to find one for the stick, 1-3/8" sounds seems good though

Hey laugh. What is the correct way to mount these sticks?

what is the height (depth, whatever) of the plastic nub that sticks up

Cheers laugh, so it sits flush with the top panel.

I’d like to order some korean sticks, but I don’t know wich one is the best for Tekken.
I know that the korean top players play with the green fantas, but I don’t know, if they have hard or normal spring.

I found this stick on the saulabi website, but I guess it’s only a fanta immitation

Are there any Tekken players here who can help me out :sweat: ?

Ah, thanks for your help bro :tup:

So, the green fantas with normal stiffnes are the best :smiley:
They don’t have a restrictor plate, am I right?

look at this pic plz

I’m thinking about modding a saulabi stick, because I don’t have enough time and nerves to build anoter custom one :sweat:
I’ve also found a shop who sells saulabis from netherland (www.saulabi.nl), so I don’t have to order my stick from play-asia.

Now my first question is, is it difficult to mod it? Here are some pics of Han from Korea with his modded saulabi stick.


And my second question is. Do you ship internationally and what would it cost me, if I order one from you and maybe 10 crown buttons?


Ok, then I’ll only take the green fanta. I was a little bit worried about the buttons, because of my american T5 Hori. I thought, since they are not using original arcade parts for the saulabi, the buttons would be as bad as the T5 Hori.

Do you have ICQ or MSN? How can we settle this :smile: :smile: :smile: ?

Hey laugh, I ended up buying Per’s Korean parts that he bought from you before since he gave me a good price. I was wondering if you could answer a queston about wiring the buttons.

In the picture above, I believe the top one is the ground correct? And I can wire the live to either of the bottom ones? Thanks in advance for the help.