Old timer, but new to SRK


Just wanted to say “hi” and also give respect for this website and keeping the community strong.

I have been a SF junkie since Hyper Fighting in the arcade, but my experience ends at the SF Zero and Vampire Hunter games. I played SFA2 a bit while going to school in Japan, and then later I played quite a bit of SFA3 in the basement of a certain tech school in MA. Never got that good at SFA3 until I had time to play it at home using MAME. I own it for a couple home systems, but nothing is better than the true arcade experience using the genuine revised 6-button Sega pad (I bought an adapter from the now-defunct Lik Sang --_–)

Anyhow, just a little background before I get down to business.

I have been recording my speed runs in the arcade SFA3 Survival mode, and I never play below 8 difficulty. I had previously beaten the Arcade mode on level 8 w/o losing a round (and best 3/5 rounds :). Survival on 8, however, is one cheap MFing challenge. The AI is fairly diabolical, though it does exhibit a few flaws. Still, getting endlessly thrown, DPed, custom combo’d at level 8 damage handicaps will make even a saint punch his controller. I persevered and started to ALL CLAER the Survival (level 8) using…R. Mika.

I am convinced that Capcom put Mika in as the ultimate wrestling/otaku fan service. I used to think she was stupid (her sound effects can be a bit… grating tbh), but then I started recalling my old Zanghief pressure tactics and using them to craft a Mika playstyle. I settled on a somewhat frenzied A-ism that relies on footie tactics and as many super attacks as possible. I think it makes for an amusing watch.

My question is - Where should I post a friendly Survival Mode challenge? Level 8 only, ALL CLAER only, try to beat my time. I have several CLAERS in the can, and I just rendered one as my entry. I think it’s about as fast as you can clear the Survival challenge. Not sure the best way to time it, maybe char select --> ALL CLAER screen?

Does anyone still play this game? I think it’s the best SF game ever made, and certainly the funnest. But it came at an awkward time and has some terrible character portrait art. I feel like it’s a bit on the Nightwarriors end of things, moreso than SFIII.

OK, sorry to ramble, but I loves some SFA3 and R.Mika :]


You could probably pm a mod about where to post certain stuff.
Also the Newbie Dojo is where you go to post a question about something in a game such as “How do I advancing guard in marvel?”. It may be a stupid question but its just an example.
Lastly try takin a look in the “Other games” section of the forum.
Good luck and welcome to SRK :tup:


Welcome to SRK.

You’re probably best off posting it in the Alpha section:

Just be warned, speed runs aren’t very common in the fighting game community. Most players would rather test their mettle against other players, not against the AI.

The Alpha series are mostly considered dead games in that there isn’t much of a competitive scene remaining. Most players have simply moved on. That being said, there is still a somewhat active community online for them. Check out GGPO if you’d like to start upping your game against other people. Just don’t ask where to find ROMs.



Yeah, I figure it will at least be interesting to see a full video and how one person uses R. Mika to combat the cheapest SF Survival mode ever. How can you do Survival with more than a single player? VS. issues do not apply to this, but thanks all the same. I seek out competition in the flesh when I am looking for VS.