Old timer returning, and rusty as heck, new to this now

Man I have not played fighting games since Tekken I was released. I think, man I can hardly remember.
Must have been around 15 years ago or something.

I am not the young guy. I have kids etc:-)

Anyway, I used to love competative play such as Arena in WoW or PVP in general.
And it took me until yesterday to realize that what I actually like, is the competativeness in 1 vs 1 or 2-3vs equally many.

So, i researched for half a day which fighting game is the best out there when it comes to this, and I bought Super Street Fighter IV AE edition (for Xbox 360).
I have NEVER played this before.

Now, it took me 20 minutes research to find out that Ken, Ruy, Oni, Yun among others would be the way to go for a beginner. So ok, I thought, fair enough.
BUT…it took me 10 seconds after starting the game to find mr Dudley…and I was hooked.

So I practiced a few hours in training room and I have to say, Im not bad. But I have a ton to still earn.
And its amazingly fun.

Did some arcade battles, and then went online.
And ohh man did I get my arse stomped.
I beat a few people that was on equal skill as me, down to their foots.
But I have to say this: Ken, That green turtler maniac, Oni, Ryu etc.
I had games where I actually know my combos now. I stood for an hours just doing 2 combos until I know them. And I played people that seems like they sit on their handcontrol and move here and there, and they still beat me to pulp.
I sucked it up. And after a while I noticed that my D ranged Dudley started to punch huge holes in B+ ranked players with said characters.

I am hooked, but I must say there are some immense lame players out there, after just one evening online I discovered this.
I am fully determined to coninue with Dudley until perfection, but I find it annoyingly hard to get my ultras in with perfection using a bloody stick. Maybe I need to get one of those Dpad controllers?
Not sure.
IF I play another character it would be Aben or Alben, something.
Thats cause in some games, 50% of the damage I do with dudley is from grappling.
Some people I face are so bad, but still win due to above characters, they just eat grapples after grapples. Machine gun punch combo follwed by a grapple just…

I once lost a game to that green troll when he sat down, and just moved forward and did one move the entire game.
Are there alot of players like this? Cause that was just, I dont mind being emberrased and I definately dont mind loosing, when someone picks me apart like nothing else.
But when i face people that spam 2 things and wins, its a little annoying.
Then again, its also me being bad for not being able to counter them.
Still in the games I do play, I throw in there my 2, 3 combos of normal attacks coupled with atleast 5-7 other moves, where a ken player will shoot his fire, do his upper cut hit and, possibly an ultra. Thats it.

I almost gave up and fell for the Ken, Ryu and Oni characters but I rather learn to play well and learn to beat them. Cause lets be honest, those players wont stand a chanse vs people that actually know how to play the game.
A little dissheartening though to see some characters so incredibly easy to play:-)
I just personally refuse to use such things, cause you just dont learn the ropes that way.
Dudley…he is definately my cup of tea:-)

By the way: I was actually checking if there are some more tips about characters that would be fun to use by a new player but not the standard ones.
Im more into boxing, thai boxing or MMA, so I have already found Dudley and that Alben or Aben guy, also fun.
I refuse to play Balorg cause he just seems lame. He can do some amazing things that takes half a brain to do, but he miles away from a perfect dudley when it comes to what you can do, with skill. With less skill, I agree Balorg is probably alot better.

And above all: No offence to people playing ken, Barbie and oni well. Im not here to complain But its annoying to be beaten by, even though Im new myself, people that seriously dont have a clue, but have learned the only 2, 3 techniques they need to beat anyone with those characters.

Last but not least: This game is amazingly fun:-)
Im old but hardcore competative in spirit, I can see that I will spend too much time with this game for my own good.

I also hope there is a good Xbox community for it.

Well playing on pad is just fine, but for more advanced techniques like FADC(Focus Attack Dash Cancel) or Option Selects a stick is much easier to use. Watch videos on improving technique, crossups, blocking, mixups, fadc, blockstrings, option elects, and just general tips and strategies for Dudley. Good luck.


Im playing with a stick since I dont like the pad myself.
But wanted to know if Pad is the only way to go if you want to increase.

I will stick to my stick then:-)

And yeah Im soaking in tips about Dudley.
I gave up on him last night after being romper stomped to the ground, but then I realized that I played better then 80% of the people I faced.
And I wont 10%, so not bad for a first day entry.
What I need to up, is how to defend vs lame techniques and to counter them with control. I got out of a few situations just clicking some low attacks but, I honestly didnt know exactly what I was doing. But I saw the potential:-) I stick to Dudley but its always nice to maybe play more characters.
Its a little fun though that my 3rd character I tried in the game, and that included Ken, I found the one I am certain will be one of my 2 to 3 characters I wish to learn well. Dudley is a lot of fun.

After watching http://www.youtube.com/user/MrKimokoan I realize I just need to up my game, alot.
Some great videos of how to play mr Dudley.
Back to the training room for me, for…an eternity.

What made you decide you’re better than 80% of the people if you only beat 10% lol? frankly from reading all your posts you sound like you don’t really have any clue what you’re doing.

Quick question, how did you turn around while playing WoW?

Please direct conversations like these to the Dudley social. One day this forum will be cleaned up but until then new threads shouldnt be made just to small talk. There is already a pre made thread for it.

! 3 time gladiatur here

They see me trollin…

I think you misunderstood me. Im a scrub at SSF4, since I just bought it, but I learn fast. And honestly I have faced characters where the player are using a handfull of moves, and hardly any combos, and they still win, due to how good some are and ofc the timing behind the player.
I realized also I maybe play too aggressive, but thats how I want to play it. I just need to practice more.

Was watching the #1 Dudley player and he utterly bores me to death. Such bad play. Turtle and defensive play to the max. Not my cup of tea.
Mrkimokoans however shows how Dudley can be played at its absolute best:-)

Now Im trying to learn how to buffer moves and all the short cuts you can do.

I started with doing the full movements and actually am good at it, now that I know you can shorten them down AND buffer moves, the game just took a different aspect, but I need to learn it first.
Its fun this game:-) I just wish there was more players on Xbox live. It looks rather dead. There are always players but thats like at max 20 people, globally, and thats from any rank.
Hope I didnt make a mistake getting this, but maybe from 2012 patch it will spring more to life.

Please don’t judge other players skill until you have actually learned the game. Footsies, zoning etc. will just look like “turtle defensive play to the max” because you don’t understand what you’re seeing. Also, if you’re losing you didn’t play better than your opponent, it probably just means you don’t know why you lost (which is very bad :p). In fighting games, you do EVERYTHING to win. If your opponent can’t counter something, it’s their own fault. There is always something you can do about every situation, complaining about what your opponent is doing will only frustrate yourself and you’ll learn nothing… and you’ll lose on top of that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mrkimokoan only uploads replays where he wins against bad players (with a few exceptions), there is not much to learn from that. His execution on the other hand is excellent which will make him look like the most amazing Dudley in the eyes of a beginner. Not saying he’s a bad Dudley btw, just saying I wouldn’t recommend watching them over Dudley replays with better opponents.

Good stuff on picking Dudley as your first character. :slight_smile: I wouldn’t recommend him as a first character because he’s pretty hard to play but I can agree with you that he’s the most awesome looking character in the game.

Edit: Just read the rest of your posts. Please remember that the SF series has never been about long combos or “not being lame”. Most shotos (ryu/ken/akuma) use their hadokens as a poke to use in footsies, this may seem like spam to you but if you’re getting hit by it you need to understand why. You can focus through it, duck through it, ultra 1 through it, jump in for a 50% health combo etc. Dudley has great tools for getting around fireballs.


I agree with you Dudley is very fun to play. However, most people agree he needs to be improved. I find many people that main other chars think that Dudley needs better tools to have a better chance.

I am not young too, I played SF2 on arcades in 1992. Like you I tried other chars but I don’t like their style.
Playing Dudley is very fun but very challenging. I agree with you MrKimokoan is very good Dudley and an inspiration to all Dudley players. His timing is almost perfect and pretty consistent. I have been training Dudleys combos for almost a year now and still can’t get the timing. I am thinking I will never get it.
However, I won’t give up because I like the game too much.

My advice is: if you like the game just play for fun and don’t give up.

Thanks, yes.
I actually gave up a tad on Dudley, well come on, I just started. So, not giving up, but I tried some more characters.
And yes, some characters are strong in the few moves they can do, but, I just dont like it.
So far I have found 3 characters I like in this game, and its Abel, Ibuktu but above all Dudley.

I know most of dudleys combos now but to execute them live is another matter.
Yesterday I spent 6 hours hitting a dummy in the training room and changed him from block or not block.
I realized its the only way to get this done.
But Dudley is so much fun and I just guess Im very fortunate to have found a main character I grew very found of, so early on.

I tried Yun and I can see his potential but again, too boring for me.

I really dont mind loosing as long as I learn something.
And just as per above someone said to me, that its my fault. I have faced worse players and lost yes, but its completely my fault cause, i have been utterly bombastic ignoring to focus more on blocking.
Now Im trying to learn blocking. Going into training mode and placing the CPU on Hardest and just try and block is actually bloody tough. The CPU so far is far better then any player I met but, Im low rank, just started and I know the good players are far more advanced, but its good just to learn techniques and blocking.

I just need to find out how to do the buffering moves, how to perform the cancellation and how to do the shortcuts with Dudley.
I cant find a walkthrough on Dudley where they list the shortcuts movs. Example: Machine gun punch is left to straight and punch, in a half cirkel movement.
But there should be a shorter version to do this, as its with all techniques, where I just need to hit maybe 2 directions.
Sometimes I have executed my II Ultra by just moving the stick a little,as if I slipped, I did not execute even 25% of the full movements required and it went off.
So Im trying to figure out how I did that.

Training training. I have a life too and other games, but I cant be asked to pay Blizzard and log into wow just for arena, and Im not a fan of blood line champion.
I probably will pickup Diablo 3 for some pvp but mainly for its game though.
I never thought I would like a fighting game to be honest, more casual, but this is fun.
I think why I like SSF4 is cause its bloody complicated and the gap between a beginner and someone advanced is huuuuuuge.
Some fighter games dont have this extreme gap, and I like that.

I keep browsing the forum to see if I can find more stuff on Dudley buffering etc, as what I need above.

Regarding your edit: I have more and more started to understand this now. That people stick to the basic moves alot.
Its about timing and execution of the basic moves that is the main difference between someone new and advanced.
Being able to block and anticipate.

But knowing how to perfectly combo in a combo+a combo+ an ultra using the unbuilt buffering and shortcuts.

MrKimokoan might beat some bad players but he is also beating some good ones, Ive seen his fights.
He executes Dudley with near perfection.
Ive seen him loose a round to a player just, out playing him by being defensive and performing perfectly timed counters as well.
Cody I think it was.

In the end, its the player. The character is just a tool, but some tools are sharper then others.
Dudley is a blunt sack of iron that in the right hands can hurt like hell, but I dont expect to cut through butter with it.
With that I mean, you need to know him well to even win basic fights. You need to know him freaking well to fight good players.
Which is ok for me:)

did you watch the tuts?

Well said. :slight_smile: I would seriously recommend watching Thirtyfour’s tutorials, they are by far the best set of tutorials I’ve seen on Youtube and it happens to be on Dudley, woo!


He covers everything from very basics to advanced stuff, strongly recommended. It’s not 100% completed though, but it shouldn’t matter for a while since the tutorials are very detailed and there is already a lot of information on this.

Thanks mate. I will look at that sure, after Ive finished working here:-)
Just went through some SSF4 tips from some Evil Genius players, I assume thats the team name?

I think majority of my game play for some time to come is going to be in the training room, as I already do, just hammering combos and moves until they sit perfectly.

I had a few games, despite that Im new, but I knew exactly what I wanted to do, how to do it, but I failed to execute cause, I just dont know it inside out yet:-)
Its annoying as hell that, but something I imagine just happens to scrubs.

Watching it now:-)

I tried watching this one earlier but all I saw was a screen with that challenges.

I didnt realize it was more then one:-) That was just when I started forum browsing so thought its just another 1 minute video with cool music and text.

Super, a TON of my questions are in these tuts, so I need to check them and practice.
And yeah, so good its Dudley, makes it easier:-)

Thanks man and nice Tutorials.

Gissur, I would actually discourage you from sitting in the lab all day; at that rate, you’ll have really crisp execution, but you’ll have no idea what to do with it. Play matches, matches, matches, matches and some more matches. Learn what different characters do. Learn your tools against them. Don’t be discouraged by losing or your opponent turtling. For instance, lately I’ve been trying to improve my anti-airs. I’ll go into a match and set a goal for myself not to win the match, but to hit as many anti-airs as possible. Ignore your online rank, it will only distract you. I think I’m a C+ on GFWL with ~1k PP, but that doesn’t stop me from going to NEC this weekend to try to compete. I consider ranked matches a lab with a human opponent.

Rule #1 of Street Fighter: stop pushing buttons.
Rule #2 of Street Fighter: stop jumping.
Those rules are not all-encompassing, and they’re sort of a joke between my friends and I, but they are solid advice. I’m glad that you said you were trying to focus on blocking; that’s where Rule #1 comes in. If you’re pushing buttons while trying to block, your block will drop and you’ll get tagged. That could be a great goal for online, now that I think about it: play a match and say to yourself that you’re not going to attack once. Your goal could be to just block as much as possible. Maybe your goal is to get through 99 seconds, blocking enough so that you don’t die before the time runs out. Rule #2 helps you to stay defensive as well, since there is no air block in SSFIVAE. Also, if you’re jumping a lot, your opponent will have an easy time of sitting back, letting you jump in, and anti-airing you.

Also also, check out the Saikyo Dojo section of the forum, there’s a lot of really good advice for beginners all the way through to good refreshers for pros. In the end, stick with it. I’ve been playing SF “seriously” (however you may interpret that) for about six months now, and I know that I’m still a scrub. It’s really easy to get discouraged when you sink as much time into it as I do and you still don’t improve the way that you’d like to. Patience is absolutely a virtue, as it will take a LONG time before you are in a position to feel comfortable and confident in a match.

I checked the Saikyo dojo but thought it was alot about the Marvel game.

As for matches, I spent some time doing that and realized I need to go back to the drawingbord for better executions.

My plan is to lean some basic stuff, then do matches and put them in practice, when I got that, I go back to the drawing board.

To be honest. The Tutorials have everything I need almost.

But I know what your saying:-) You can be perfect in executing moves but putting them live is another matter.
But its worse to have opportunities to use those moves and NOT knowing how to execute them, when a situation present itself.
Im at that stage now, I can get players to open up with some basic stuff but I just cant execute what i want:-)
And thats why i think Ill go mainly into the training room to start with.

Its also that I hate loosing when I know what to do but Im simply not good enough to execute it.
I have no problem grinding and loosing alot. But when I cant put a decent fight back, nahh. Thats more frustrating.
Dudley is alot of fun but I realize it takes alot more time and practice to even with the most basic fights.

I mean, I have met other new players and them I destroy completely but just a semi mediocre casual player, playing Ken or Ryu for example is going to go romper stomper on my butt because I cant follow up with my plan, due to, again, inability to execute.
Thats why I think, personally, that spending more time in the training room and some time on the floor is the way to go.
Once your execution is great, not perfect then its time to grind matches. Thats my filosophy anyway.