Old Tv Show - I can't remember the name


Hi guys n’ gals.

I’m trying to remember a Tv show but I can’t.

  • The main character was a kid. (But the narrator was also this character but with an adult voice talking about the past)

  • I vaguely recall the words Younger Years or Early Days or something in the title. (It’s not ‘Happy Days’ Fonzie show)

  • I recall the main character kid always had a crush on some girl with long hair.

Anyone remember this show?

I’m from the UK, as it might be a regional specific show.



wonder years


Bingo. Fred Savage and Danica McKellar starred.


the wonder years.
most important fact about this show was that piece of ass starred on it…olivia d’abo
mm mm mmmm.
many a fappin to her.

now that im reminiscing about her…i hear daniel stern’s voice narrating those memories of my tossin splooge for dat prime d’abo ass