Old unnecessary thread

Thanks laugh. I’ll get my order in soon. I’ve been saving up for a car!

yo laugh, does a mounting plate come with the jlf? and what about the wiring harness?

and last question before i make my decision, do the converters work with guitar hero and rockband ps2 peripherals?

Can you get me a empty 2-player Blast City panel (6 buttons)? If so, can you PM me a price with shipping. I’m in Kissimmee, Florida 34744


Interested in how much shipping total to 88001 would be for a InPin converter!

Hey man I’m back :rofl:. Lemme know how much for a JLF, wiring harness and 6 OBSF-30 Buttons to match. Zipcode 68123 again.

How much for shipping an Inpin to canada, postal code T6E 0X2

Im interested in 2 inPins. How much to ship to North Hills,California, zip 91343

Could you tell me shipping to 21207 for an InPin?

sup laugh i just wanna come on here and say my inpin is holding up great and i can’t wait to use it for sf4 tomorrow =)

also i might be interested in the JLF-TP-8Y-SK’s if you have any left…

How much to ship an InPin to 48322 MI/USA? Thanks!

Thanks laugh! Received the converters today; 7 days from S.Korea to Canada! Amazing… They work great, and am very happy. Mark me as one more satisfied customer!

+1 for me too.

7 days Korea to Maryland. Got these bitches on SF4 release day! Couldn’t have been any more perfect.

Thank Ryan.

PS- You going to Evo this year? If so, let’s run back our MM on some SF4.


yo laugh i prob want to get one those inpin converters just would like to know the shipping price.

the address is 228 hillstone dr.
raleigh NC, 27615

can i also get a quote for 1x to 98311

also payment info ^^


How much would it cost for an InPIN converter including shipping charges to UK?

Hey! Was gonna send this to your PM but your box is full. I’m sure you’re busy! :lol: I got the converters yesterday (Korea to NC in a week and a day… Wow!!) and they work great!! I can finally use my MAS sticks on my PS3. Thanks so much!! This guy is top notch!!

laugh, could you please clear your inbox? need to send you a PM.

How much is shipping for an inpin converter to 95209 in california?

I’d like info on shipping costs to Santiago, Chile, for these items:

3x InPin converters


how did all of you guys get your stuff in 7 days? I paid for mine 10 days ago and it’s not here yet. Also, which postal carrier delivers it?