Old vods of sub zero live


Like my last post, this is about sum good hilarious content from some well known faces in the 3s community
I know this post is probably redundant as the discussion on John Dangerous disappearing yet again from the face of the earth has probably happened
I can no longer find the “ask dr. sub zero live” videos, not the show that was in a studio on thestreamtv, but the stream before the show began, streamed in various places with guests such as marn/renic/pyro/shoges(not a guest)/etc.
The askdrsubzero website no longer exists because the squarespace account is gone, the stream vods have disappeared from youtube along with its hosts we all know and love.

This has been on my mind for who knows how long (maybe a year?), but I decided to post about it because i found on my super old laptop, that i had downloaded the vods of ep. 3-7 of ask dr.sub zero live, and would like to know if people are interested in them? Or perhaps I should just keep them to myself…

Any input at all is appreciated.


I don’t presume to speak for Rock but its my understanding they were taken down intentionally so you might want to find a way to reach out to him before you distribute those vids as, a courtesy.


I’m in the same boat as you man I really want those long vods where you had pyro shogo etc for 3hrs and such, even the dogfaceshow which he hosted once has been taken down :frowning: why were dogface’s videos removed?

I’ve been watching all the old ranbats to get my cut of some JohnD


yeah man i actually have all of the dogface show episodes where john takes over as well, along with like a vid or 2 of the ‘growing the bear’ series with amir.
Of course, as pherai said without consent it would be kind of bad
He said on one of the episodes that when they finished their last episode (which they planned for when diablo 3 would come out), that the askdrsubzero website would be going down, but with no explanation about everything being wiped. i’m sad just thinking about it.
Pyrolee - “did you hear that? the bananas…” lol donkey kong jr tho


ah it’d be really good if you could upload it

so hold on do you have all of these old episodes? and are asking if you can upload them?


yeah i was looking for WHY a lot of awesome 3rd strike content was removed and IF i could upload what i have


Man I’m thinking about that interview with Yi 5 Star Wang and Renic with SubZero. That was way Too funny. Bring that back man.


i don’t even know how to get in contact with him, i believe i messaged his channel or twitter back then to say thanks or something, but for this idk there’s no twitter and shogo’s is dead(?)


Just upload it


Yeah just upload it rofl but now it will look suspect


there’s a guy who may or may not be him playing on XBL. I’ll shoot this mystery fellow a message and ask 1) if he’s really the good doctor and 2) if he’s cool with us uploading his old stuff if we keep it to ourselves. I assume since he’s working in a professional field these days it’s probably pretty important to him to keep that stuff out of employer view.

if he’s cool with it, I’d definitely love to see the Dogface stuff and the Growing The Bear vids again. I have the old podcasts and the streams before he was in a studio (audio only though). we’re talking the ones where he interviewed pyrolee in a garage and had marn on after Cross Assault right? I’ve got those ones.


yeah lance those are the ones, where’s he working now?


Ahh yeah that would make a lot of sense to take the stuff down so that he won’t get fired/will get hired
Yeah I have the actual video (not only audio) of the pyrolee garage/marn cross assault/livestream before studio stuff. Alright, keep me updated


^I want that videooooooooooooooooooo


“too easy, no fun!”
“Couldn’t open my hands, some sort of ball in my chakra or something, and I looked up at the sky, and I said i’m gonna die HAHAHA”
"the bananas, when you reach for them they hit creatures in a way no other fruit would, that’s where the magic comes from"
sorry, i’m just refreshing your memory for now lol
I’m a big fan, and I’ll make sure to get it to you. Thanks for the acknowledgement
Do you have a gmail to pm me so i can share it, I have it stored on google drive


I don’t know him personally. We just exchanged a few cool messages on xbl. His wife’s a fan of igloobob and I’m a fan of his work. Mutual admiration party.


I always picture Pyro as Dr. Gonzo and Rock as Raoul Duke.


This is the only vid of Pyro that matters though.

That look of absolute dejection… You can see the frame where Pyro’s heart breaks in half.


If you’re gonna share it. It should be download only something like MEGA or on someone’s DropBox and passed around only to those who ask (and are vetted by the community).


Let’s try summoning them.