Old vods of sub zero live


Man I’m thinking about that interview with Yi 5 Star Wang and Renic with SubZero. That was way Too funny. Bring that back man.


i don’t even know how to get in contact with him, i believe i messaged his channel or twitter back then to say thanks or something, but for this idk there’s no twitter and shogo’s is dead(?)


Just upload it


Yeah just upload it rofl but now it will look suspect


there’s a guy who may or may not be him playing on XBL. I’ll shoot this mystery fellow a message and ask 1) if he’s really the good doctor and 2) if he’s cool with us uploading his old stuff if we keep it to ourselves. I assume since he’s working in a professional field these days it’s probably pretty important to him to keep that stuff out of employer view.

if he’s cool with it, I’d definitely love to see the Dogface stuff and the Growing The Bear vids again. I have the old podcasts and the streams before he was in a studio (audio only though). we’re talking the ones where he interviewed pyrolee in a garage and had marn on after Cross Assault right? I’ve got those ones.


yeah lance those are the ones, where’s he working now?


Ahh yeah that would make a lot of sense to take the stuff down so that he won’t get fired/will get hired
Yeah I have the actual video (not only audio) of the pyrolee garage/marn cross assault/livestream before studio stuff. Alright, keep me updated


^I want that videooooooooooooooooooo


“too easy, no fun!”
“Couldn’t open my hands, some sort of ball in my chakra or something, and I looked up at the sky, and I said i’m gonna die HAHAHA”
"the bananas, when you reach for them they hit creatures in a way no other fruit would, that’s where the magic comes from"
sorry, i’m just refreshing your memory for now lol
I’m a big fan, and I’ll make sure to get it to you. Thanks for the acknowledgement
Do you have a gmail to pm me so i can share it, I have it stored on google drive


I don’t know him personally. We just exchanged a few cool messages on xbl. His wife’s a fan of igloobob and I’m a fan of his work. Mutual admiration party.


I always picture Pyro as Dr. Gonzo and Rock as Raoul Duke.


This is the only vid of Pyro that matters though.

That look of absolute dejection… You can see the frame where Pyro’s heart breaks in half.


If you’re gonna share it. It should be download only something like MEGA or on someone’s DropBox and passed around only to those who ask (and are vetted by the community).


Let’s try summoning them.



@d3v‌ tbh I don’t see a problem with this if it’s someone else uploading it then it’s out of JohnD’s hands it’s not like he uploaded them himself so I doubt he’d get into trouble for it.


Both aren’t active anymore. Even on twitter (John deleted his old account, I believe he actually has a new one though).

You should probably course things through Amir or Ty.


there is a history of respecting the wishes of content creators on this forum as to where their stuff can and can’t be accessed. I won’t ban anyone for posting a reuploaded version of Dr Sub Zero stuff in the meantime (although I still discourage it pending Rocks approval) as what I heard wasn’t from Rock himself, but if it turns out that he doesn’t wish that stuff to be online anymore than it will be a different story. keep in mind Rock has been arguably one of the most important contributors to American 3s content and just general fighting game content so I think we owe him to get his approval at least.

I second contacting Amir or Renic if there is no way to contact Rock.


I agree, I refuse to upload until I can get any kind of say from anyone in said vids
Such as pyro
Maybe I could try 5 star as well, he’s in the dogface show vids


I’ll get a gmail and then PM you…many thanks fraudulence! That was one of the best imo


@pherai‌ Yeah I guess that is fair

@pyrolee‌ Hey man I’m a big fan of your yun play. I was wondering what do you guys do now, is super arcade the only place with 3s? do you FFA guys still meet up and play at all? Although I wasn’t even in the FGC scene until like 2009 I’ve watched/listened and re-watched and listened to all the stuff I could find to do with FFA because it was the most entertaining and seemed like those were some really good times.

EDIT: Just out of curiosity why did dogface close his channel down? he had some cool interviews up there too