Old vods of sub zero live


relevant - "hiatus"

the feels :’(


^I was more disgusted with Ty than anything…I knew exactly what he was doing there.

There a cabinet at super arcade and don’s arcade…we usually meet up now once a week or so to play at our friend’s house who has a nice h2h setup and good environment.

And I agree that the older stuff was great…the FGC these days is too friendly/lame…back then there was real rivalry and real trash talk.

And I dunno what happened to dogface…kinda wondering that myself…vic was a funny and good guy!


@pyrolee‌ That’s cool that you guys still meet up to play. Yeah I remember watching SBO 08 (i think it was 08) quals and damn that was a intense tournament probably the best 3s I’ve seen nowdays everything is PG and fake for a lot of it.


Tried asking Amir if he’s heard from either Rock or Shogs. Sadly, he hasn’t from either for some time now.

EDIT: Didn’t notice @pyrolee‌ replied. Hopefully something comes out of this. That old footage is a cultural treasure if you ask me. I mean, we’re never going back to the way things were, but it’s nice to look back at where we came frome.


What’s up with the boiler room sessions? Is that the friends house, or some kind of new ‘dons arcade’ all 3s players welcome thing

Also i hope you register for 37reloaded
Hopefully they do get the cabs they said they wanted to use


A funny dude.
Interviewer in that video is a real putz.
3S is untouchable.




Breaking news: the new icons has a Dr.Sub-Zero smiley. :mask:


Greatest Dr. Sub Zero moment.



According to Amir, he things sharing the footage would be okay, but he’s not 100% sure.


Facebook Fighter 4
Scrub Friendly 4
Pony Fuckers 4


:slight_smile: Here’s a question from Jan. 2012 that never made the show, found it in my mailbox:

Dr. Subzero,

A quick question (for you or your co-hosts): what is the most memorable mindgame you ever pulled / you saw someone pull, not in a video game but in real life?

Have a blast with your show,


PS: here’s a fan drawing for your office wall.


I’d still like my answer, @Rockefeller


figured you guys are starved, so here’s the opening episode of the dogface one

I made the vid private otherwise, so enjoy srk.


That was an awesome vid. I remember watching that years ago. Could you upload the rest too?


numba 2

E n j o y


yeah same.
gave a face to a voice/name


Dude is so hilarious. Just the perfect charisma. Such a funny and happy person to be around.


Thanks for uploading the dogface one. Will you upload the rest? I miss the good old doctor


Sorry i’m so slow on this
One day I’ll just sit down and upload all of them at once
as well as the dr. sub zero live


This is awesome. I wish I could find the podcast from the mid 2000s again. Those were hilarious.