Old Xbox issue


hey all. before, i posted an issue i had with my old xbox hard drive. thankfully, you guys were at hand to help. well, this time the problem is with my DVD drive. im getting an error no. 11 meaning my xbox cant recognize the DVD drive. so when turned on, i get the xbox start up screen but it then goes to the error msg. the game wont load, even the dash board wont load.

can anyone pls tell me if its possible to replace the dvd drive? and if so with which one?? can you link me to an ebay/website page of this specific dvd drive? is it hard to install?? ive never opened my xbox before even though im not bothered about breaking my warrantee seal as it doesnt matter now. im not sure why but i get the idea the brand of dvd drives for xbox are made by samsung?

please can anyone help, thanks:pleased:




thanks sazae:)