"Older" gamer looking for advice

Ok, so let me give a little background. I’ve been playing SFII since it came out, so I’ve literally been playing the game since some posters have been alive :rofl: My last arcade experiences include playing at Playland in Times Square (I cut class a lot to get some good comp. What a tragedy that was when it finally closed down.). If anyone remembers that place on this forum, it would make me feel, not so old, maybe? Anyway, before college, I enjoyed getting my dome rocked in Flushing and in C-town to learn how to play, but my college years also brought on the end of a lot of my local haunts and my desire to travel all around the city just to watch kids play Third Strike/ Alpha 3.

Fast forward to today. I live in DC and have a wife and kid. My local Lan party has long since fizzled outs after all my friends are also married with kids. I play a bit online. I frustrate a lot of good players with my Honda. I’ve thought that maybe I try my hand at playing some casuals, or even a tourney, but I’m a little apprehensive about being the oldest guy in the room without some company.

So, let me ask, besides Valle and S-kill, are there a decent number of guys in their 30’s playing in tourneys and/or setting up casuals? What about the DC area? I’d like to meet some like minded individuals to play offline, but don’t know how to start. Any suggestions guys?

There’s a section at the bottom of the page for regional matchmaking. You should be in the Atlantic South portion. As far as I know WDC is a major city and it should have more tournaments than most other places and you can also check the tournament calendar for info. Just to tell ya. Some people here are going to hate because they don’t know to respect us old folk.

Well its good to see some older guys wanting to play more! lol Though Im still pretty young (22) In my local scene (Memphis), there are several guys married with kids, some in their 30s. Age is nothing but a number and its all about skill and dedication to get better. With that said, check the matchmaking threads. You are in DC so I went and checked it out for you and you would be listed in the VA/MD section I would assume. Go there and ask what up with the local scene. That is how I found out there was a scene here in Memphis was checking out the matchup threads (just recently found out we had a scene here a month ago and have never looked back). If you have any trouble finding it let me know and I will shoot you a link. Hope this helped and good luck!

DC/MD/NOVA stuff is in Atlantic North. You really can’t miss it, there are like 5 threads. There’s a meetup at Ilazul’s house/home arcade almost weekly in Arlington with ST, MvC2, 3s, CvS2, some SNK stuff, shmups, and motherfucking Magical Drop. Check it out.

Hi guy. Don’t check Atlantic South. You want Atlantic North. Check the MD/VA threads. We have a couple or so grandpa’s in the scene. You’re not alone. (I think, shrug. I don’t ask for people’s ages.)

You’re not alone. I go to Chinatown Fair weekly and I always see a fair amount of older folks there. They play 3s, SFIV and lots of Puzzle Fighter from what I can tell. Just the other day I met an experienced Zangief player who seemed well into his 30s. There’s really no shame in it, especially in a tournament or arcade environment people will welcome you even.

Dont even worry about the age thing. The Street Fighter community is practicly the retirement home of competetive gamers.

Youre also very lucky to live in the MA/VA scene. I lived in Alexandria for a short time, great place.

“Older” gamer looking for…

that special someone to spend lonely nights with.

I enjoy long walks on the beach, JRPGs,

(this is how the thread title is displayed from the main forum page orf dorf bdorf :smile:)

Like others have said definitely check out regional information to get a better idea where the serious players are hiding at.

When it comes to tournaments though I will tell you this: Do NOT be afraid to show up. If you come to play for real, people will not judge you, especially if you come with skill. I’ve met plenty of older players, and sure people may have made comments, but as soon as people started getting their asses handed to them, shit changed real quick, I will tell you that much… I personally look to anyone older in the gaming scene with respect, as it probably means they’re much better than me and have been playing since before I was born in most cases… Some crazy stuff to think about.

Only thing I can honestly tell you is let you, be aware of casuals/tournament locations. I know plenty of people who host casuals out of their homes… But they’re 18, 19, and it’s not “their home” it’s their parents, and that could be potentially odd, so you’d have to be cautious in case those types of situations. Otherwise though don’t fee discouraged or discriminated against.

Of course, you’re the older guy yourself thought, have you considered stepping up to the plate yourself? Maybe you can set up something/someplace for the youngins’, yourself included, being the responsible adult figure however. :tup: just an idea, we need more people willing to lead.

handy link! http://www.shoryuken.com/forumdisplay.php?f=19

God then I must be a sf grandfather. I live in the DC area man if you want to get in some games let me know. Like stated earlier we have a good scene here.

You old fart! Get out of here! Are you trying to find the senior home? Old people can’t drive. You have a wife and kids? Hahahah, what a joke.

People will not say/think this. We will welcome you with open arms… the scene is not about games only, its about getting to know people. Im sure you have some good qualities and can make some friends.

So 30 is old now, thanks a lot? You were only 22 like what 8 years ago?

Now im sad panda.

He says 30’s, I was assuming mid-late.

If you are early 30 you are mad young n’ trollin’ :lol:

We can do some sleuth work here, he said he was in college when “kids” were playing 3S/Alpha 3 in arcades around the city. (hence popular?)

Make me proud detectives.

Ahh… SRK. Makes me feel old for being 26.

I still have my SNES copy of World Warrior. Bought from Toys R’ Us on release day with my paper route money. On the car ride home my mom disapprovingly read the back of the box out loud to me, implying the clearly satanic implications of Dhalsim and his evil yoga fire powers (she is/was a christian fundy). :rofl:


Sounds like me, except replace ‘SNES’ with ‘Genesis’ and ‘World Warrior’ with ‘Championship Edition’.

A friend of mine had the Genesis version. 6 face buttons on the pad! Yes! :amazed:

first, like me, i would never want to go to one myself despite the fact that i am 19 so I’m still young, but eventually one time i will.

But in your case if you went and people noticed you there and the had a bit of decency its more likely that they will either
welcome you or have respect for you for being their IF otherwise someone wants to make fun of you or what ever F*** Em and pay no mind…
i think people like that are a waste of sperm. Sorry.

looool ^^

I’ve been going to Evo for about 4 years in a row now and live 30 minute from you so…yeah.