Older Gaming Group Looking For More (Norristown/Philly PA)


We got a few fighters but we could use some more. We are in our young 30s and we get competitive but we are not tournament players. Age doesn’t really matter but a level of maturity is expected. We play on PS3 and generally we have enough TE sticks to go around. We all wish we could play these games 24 hours a day but we all work, some have kids but we give it our best and we bring the fight! Currently we are all playing SFxT, but we like UMVC3, SCV, and pretty much any other Capcom fighting game that has been released on PS3.

As the groups experience gets better and we get more confident we are looking to get out to a tournaments, possibly run our own if we can get a big enough group.

Where? Norristown PA
Who? Anyone, but we are looking at you 30somethings.
What? SFxT (but any fighting game really)
When? Mondays 7-8ish


You should come out to our tournament on April 1st’ seriously I’m in my mid 30’s. It’s just about the competition and there will be casual time too.
Dave and Busters Philly Columbus blvd at 2 pm!


If I am off on Sunday I will be there!


I’m not far from norristown man… And have been thinking the same thing recently. This area needs to come together, problem Is there are no public rooms around us (in Montgomery county) I know there are people out there, just no outlet other than down 76 to Philly… Bleh… At 33 and married that’s just not my thing anymore. I’m on xbox but if you ever want to try to get something started in Montco, let me know


I can make it sometimes. I’m in Cherry Hill, NJ


we started a facebook group and we get together to play sometimes http://www.facebook.com/groups/193264204104288/
We have members from Collegeville, Schwenksville, West Chester areas. I’m 30, I also run tourneys in my store, but I waiting for our AC to get fixed


I wish there was a group like this in Pittsburgh. I’m 28 going on 29 this summer and all I can locate on SRK is college kids who love Ohio tournaments.


I requested to join the group Nick! hopefully ill get to fight you guys soon


Hope you don’t mind I joined the group. I’m a noob but always looking for a game.


hey sent a request to join. been looking for more gamers in PA. i used to live in Norristown and still wor there. now i moved back to philly. im gonna be starting little tournaments myself at my house. im heavily into the fgc. im always watchin a stream for a tournament and people that play(jwong, fchamp and the fgtv peoepl, finatiq.) ima be viewing my first evo this year. hopepfully be in it next year. Time to train.


People still playing around here? Recently located for the time and being.