Oldskool arcade display tilt opinions


Any opinions on the tilt of the display on arcade machines?
I noted that some of the early games had a very heavy tilt with the CRT set deep inside the machine.
I’d like to build a MAME cab but unfortunately I’ve never gotten any hands on with the old machines like Pacman which have that deep tilt to the screen position.

Just taking a shot here as I assume there are plenty of arcade fans who’ve played both kinds. The more modern more vertical screen and the deep set tilted screen.

I will be playing mostly vertical games I don’t know if that affects the choice…

Thanks for your opinions. :slight_smile:


Those deep screened arcade cabinets are pretty cool to play on. However, if you’re planning on using an LCD monitor, be careful on which one you choose as that extreme tilt can effect how the games look on monitors that don’t have great viewing angles.


Well I’ve modified my design a bit. I am using an LCD monitor and have test tilted it.
Thanks for the tip. Hopefully 45 degrees is a nice compromise. The control desk is at 38 inches sloping upward to 39 inches.

It’s a caberet size cab but with custom shaping and size.


I’ll wood grain the body and use black plastic trim with yellow controls. Hopefully it will look period authentic hideous. :smiley:

Inspired by these: