Olympia 4/17 MvC2, GGXX, SC2 Results


I had to get these results over the phone because I left the brackets at the mall so if any of these are wrong (unlikely but possible that we got mixed up over the phone), let me know. I’m going to put all these on APEX in the next day or two and I’ll have the brackets so don’t worry about that getting fucked up.



  1. Rodolfo Castro (RowTron)
  2. Jason Mar (hairymaster) aka Mr. Sentinel Comeback
  3. Mark Santos (Guahcsta)
  4. Jesse Hall (HuStLeMaN17)
  5. Ian T. (vashthestampe)/David Clabaugh (Saige)


  1. Vataire Graham (Veteru)
  2. Rodolfo Castro (RowTron)
  3. Mark Santos (Guahcsta)
  4. Dave McConnon (Assquatch)


  1. Rob Plummer (Zig21)
  2. Jeff Surek (Switchup)
  3. Brian B. (Izeekial)
  4. Jesse Albert (JAlbert)
  5. David Clabaugh (Saige)/Kris Mira (Ninja)
  6. Mike K. (Master)/Dave McConnon (Assquatch)

Like I said, getting results over the phone is hard when the guy reading them wasn’t sure of himself.

Quick notes: WOW! Thank you all so much for showing up to our little town tournament. We had no idea we would get a response like this. Thank you all, we hope you had fun and all but wow, we can’t thank you all enough for showing up. I got mixed feedback on the Marvel sticks, some loved them, some didn’t. Hopefully for those who didn’t like them, they weren’t too much of a burden (spelled wrong, I’m sure) to your game. As far as footage, Zach has the JMar comeback here
[JMar’s crazy Sent Comeback](http://zachd.com/mvc2/Olympia 4-17 LF 1 of 3 Mark (MagCableSent) vs JMar (W MSS) 786k.wmv)

Please, let me say this again, thank you all for actually coming to Olympia for our tournament. I hope you all had a good time and if you all did, we might just have to do this again.

Edited, thnx.


Please put the APEX under Switchup :slight_smile:

And Jmar took 2nd in marvel…


I see Jmar didn’t beat Row this time.


everybuddy had to play on the same sticks so it basically was equal for everybuddy. But anyways it was fun!

Also I really want to thank Zach for the ride, thanks again man I really appreciate it :slight_smile:


Wow get off that ass…

**This is Mark:

Not to discredit JMar, but how about we call that the “ugly sticks comeback of the year.” Take a look at the vid yourself, cause that shiet was ugly. Poor execution and randomness. But good shiet anyways JMar. Next time I’ll finish that shiet!! **


Yep, heartily agreed.

Since I’ve had to watch all the footage as I was capturing and encoding it… you see lots of missed dashes (?) and other randomness (ground HVBs galore, obvious missed AHVBs, randomly directed rocket punches). Non-optical sticks == :frowning:

It was a pretty random tourney. It was cool to chill and see everybody, but I think the only think I really learned was that Magneto’s fly mode is pretty damn cool. :slight_smile: