Olympia Fightclub!



Every Thursday starting at 5:00pm - 11pm inside Lacey GameStar

720 Sleater Kinney Rd SE, Lacey, WA 98503

Email olympiastreets@hotmail.com if you have any questions

360 (Street Fighter Ultra)
PS3 (BlazBlue/Guilty Gear)
WiiU (Smash)

We bring in our own setups, just your bring sticks!


Seattle gameworks Q
[Mar 3, 2012] SFxT Pre-release Tournament (Lacey, WA)

Ekimris lives in olympia I believe, but if yo’re looking for a place on the weekends to play…and are willing to drive to Seattle @ night…come out to TournamentWars. We have casuals running after the matches are done, and it’d be a great way to introduce yourselves to the community. Plus season 2 signups will be happening shortly. So now would be a good time to check it out :slight_smile:



Bmckay. That’s my dude and he’s real cool. Hit him up!


I’ve been waiting for someone like you. On my days off, I can help trying to find somewhere to link up. I don’t have my own place, so it definitely won’t be at my crib. lol.

Those matches we had were fun as hell, even though you smashed me up some.


Whoa awesome. So your in Lacey? Do you know DJ rage quit? I may have found a place I need to check out. I’d love to go up to Seattle I hate that I just moved down from Seattle to Olympia and in my time in Seattle I had no idea there was anyone! But for now I need a place locally since I don’t drive I’m sure once we have some matches under our belt we’ll head up for a tourney! =)


Yeah yeah yeah! I’m in Olympia. I live on campus at Evergreen and have been dyin’ to get some people around here to play with.


Nah, I don’t know DJRQ. I don’t know many people out there. I’m not actually from Washington. Still learning the ropes.

You don’t drive? That’s cool. I do. Depending on where you’re talking about linking up, I wouldn’t mind driving around a while to get there. And if there is a kinda big tourney up in Seattle (NOT TW!!!), I wouldn’t mind bringing you up if I go. Gotta see my camp. It’s been a long time. lol.

I’m down for whatever, homie. Evergreen… I’m trying to remember where that is. I live Off of Rainier Rd. Just past the QFC on the corner or Rainier and Yelm Hwy.

Not that many of the members here would know where the fuck that is.


Eventually I want to go up to Seattle and battle the teams up there, hell eventually I want to go down to cali and kick some ass there!..But first I want to start meeting up regularly and get better, we still need more people so far we only have four the other people interested in joining are casual which is fine I just want to take us to the next level! =)

Holy crap I think I’m like…just a few miles away, I’m living on rich road off of yelm highway. ><.

Anyway I’m looking into different places that can host while I’m still trying to get a place for myself. You shouldn’t have to worry about giving people rides anywhere, and if you do end up driving around we can get you back on gas.


What the hell, all you Olympia people been sleeping all this time? I’m totally down to play any time plus I’ve got a few friends here at Evergreen who play casually (read: scrub level) but I’m sure they’d be willing to work to get better provided there be a small scene around here.


Anyone interested in Tekken 6 in Oly-Town? I wouldn’t mind driving down to hang out a few times since I live in Tacoma.


You bring a copy for 360, and I’ll fuxwitchoo. I’m terribly bad at Tekken, though. So I’m gonna pick Lars to get that top-tier boost.


Hey hey! We found a place! Thanks to DJragequit’s efforts we’re allowed to play at Olympia cards and comics on Wednesdays and Thursdays this location gives us some very strict guidelines however, we need to bring our own console, controllers and tv’s I’ve got a heavy and bulky tube tv I’ll bring along with my x box 360. Also and this is more important no cussing! Olympia cards and comics tries very hard to be a family oriented place if we get allot of people shouting and a lot of hype we may have to play elsewhere but at least we can get together and do something ya know? So what time is best for you guys and your friends? We’ll take any level players and if anyone at the shop wants to play they can come in. I think I’m going to try and set this up for next week and hope we have a good turn out.


That’s what’s up. I don’t know where it is, but I’m aiight with the restrictions. It’s whatever. Let me know what I should bring and what kind of space we have/need. If we got a nice card table or some shit, I could bring my monitor, speakers, 360, stick, SFIV, HDR, and Marvel, and Blazblue.

Dope shit, bro. Dope dope shit.

*edit: Forgot I had Blazblue. Lmfao.


I’ve been to the store a lot in the past it’s a great place for all sorts of geek stuff.

Map here

They should have tables and chairs for us here’s a list of what I can bring

TV (non hd)
xBox 360 (loaded with sf2HD and MvC2)
Blazblue and SF4
SE joystick with sanwa stick but default buttons so if you use my stick know the buttons are getting kinda worn down.
I might be able to bring a fight pad for general use.

We need

Surge protector (to plug in multiple tv’s and systems
At least 1 more tv and console so we can have multiple matches going on.
Not necessary for play but I’d really like some way to record the matches so we can observe our faults


Gross rules but I understand where they’re coming from and a place to play is a place to play.

I’ll definitely be there at least one of the nights each week. Driving to Gameworks every week is getting old and expensive. Nice work setting this up, I’ve got a few friends on campus here that might be interested in coming out. They’re definitely on the scrub level as far as our community’s level of play goes, but if they’re willing to learn and get better then they will if there is a place for them to do it.

Just post up what time it’s going to be at, I know I’m open for any time.

EDIT: I can also bring a PS3 + TV + SF4 and Tekken 6 and 1 TE stick so if someone else has a PS3 stick to bring that’d make a whole setup.


Just a heads up Cards & Comics move to a new location earlier this year i think January, so its not the same location as has been in the past.

Is it going to be in the evening?

Also does it have to be SF4? Not really a fan of it, im more of ST remix. Any of you guys play that? If so let me know, i can probably do Thursdays.


I play it (terribly), but I’m bringing it, so we can use my setup for it. It’s whatever.

We’re not doing it tourney style, so I mean, one setup for SFIV, one for HDR/Marvel, MAYBE one for BB/KoFXII/whateverthefuckelse should be fine.


Ok cool, i never played anyone HD Remix offline. I dont know if i can compete w/ you guys in SFIV haven’t played it since 1 month after it came out…

bmckay you still got that free SE joystick you got from Gamecrazy? If i remember you used Viper…


Well that’s kinda why i want the second tv and console so we can have the side casual games but my focus is on SF4 and trying to get better truth be told I don’t really have any interest in anything but SF4 and Blazblue. I’ve tried the 2-d street fighters and they’re really not to my liking, Although sf3 seems pretty awesome. Other older 2-d fighters can be fun but not really worth the time and effort to get better at em.

I might be able to get a fight pad for the ps3 but no joystick, while I know DJragequit has a stick for the 360 and while i don’t want to speak for him he probably doesn’t have any problem bringing his console so if you can provide the tv and we’d let you use our sticks/pads we’d be set, I really wish i had that mod to let my stick be used in the ps3.

The store did move but it didn’t go any farther than a crossed the street from where it used to be the google map link should be where it is currently.

I think we’re going to try for Thursday’s at 3pm till whenever they kick us our or we get tired heh. I’m going over there today to discuss our setup and see what the owner has in mind for us. If you have any troubles showing up or need a ride/directions give me a pm and I’ll give you my cell.

Hope to see all you there!


im going to try to forget what you wrote on the first paragraph.

I can bring a stick its american parts though…Do you have HD remix on your PS3? I think people should try to bring extra just incase of no shows or people leaving early…