Olympia Fightclub!

In case some didn’t see on facebook, OCC is going to be closed today so they can reorganize or something. But Pat stepped up to the plate and will host for us!

Hey if you guys still use this board, I will be in town on monday, if someone is available, lets get some games in!

Not sure if you got my message on facebook, Jeff. I gave you an address and time that Pat will be hosting on Monday. See you there.


Anyway, if any new people post here, majority of us are FB and we still do weeklies at Olympic Cards And Comics every Thursday from 7-12

Hey everyone! When’s the next ST and/or CVS2 gathering?

This is the thread we use for mother russia:

We’ll relay the info in this thread as well when Rcaido posts up the next event on facebook.

There is an event this Friday and a post birthday celebration. PM rcaido on srk if you have any questions.

I deleted my Facebook, so this is the only way anyone can get ahold of me now.


Hey Drew. I know you said you’ve watched this before, but you should try and sit down and watch this while trying to learn Yun

How’s it going dudes?

Going pretty well, thought we like never post here. We’re still very active you should try and get ahold of one of us on Facebook, we can invite you to our group.

Oh, hey, something not terribly far from my new home. Just moved up here from San Diego, maybe I’ll stop in sometime, unless there’s something closer to Federal Way/Milton. It’s been a long time since I’ve been with a group who were excited about fighting games. Used to play 3rd Strike at one of the community colleges a few years back. Sadly, they sold off the machines when they tore down their student center and put up a new one to be more ‘professional’ looking.

Gamebreakerz is a LAN Center/Retail store that has monthly tournaments and other events going on, if your interested in League of Legends, FPS or Madden tournaments. The store is located in Auburn, WA which isn’t very far from Fed. Way or Milton. As far as 3S goes, Portland loves 3S, alot. There are a few people who play alot of 3S in the area but I hate 3S with a passion.

We have tournaments in Tacoma from time to time, but it’s not something as steady as monthlies. GBZ also has another monthly tournament that is hosted by the Dustloop/Anime fighters guys, so essentially they have bi-monthlies.

Gameclucks, in Lynnwood also has monthlies with strong competition.

D-pad games in Des Monies, WA has gatherings organized by Julian Blake. They have some arcade cabinets and the store is a retro game store and its not too far away from you.

They are trying to throw some tournaments at this new game center called Borderlands Gaming, I don’t know too much about it though.

As far as casuals go there isn’t that many choices. It’s usually held at peoples houses or Gabi’s. Tacoma has casuals Tuesday/Thursday but its mostly just Tekken and Melee that show up for that.

Huh, that’s actually a surprising amount of choice. Now I’ll just have to actually get good at a fighting game. I tend to watch a lot of games, pick up what should be done, and then never manage to put it into practice myself. Fair at Dota 2, fair at racing games, fair at fighting games. But, hey, I ordered a stick today, one of the Soul Calibur 5 ones, so I’ll be able to break some old habits in games and hopefully get up to a good enough level.

Thanks for the knowledge! Now if only I had someone who could sum up all the places looking to hire 20-somethings with college degrees and no work experience!

Hahahaha, Well when you find a place let me know. Except no degree and a long break between jobs.

Any CVS2 and SSF2T in September?

There is a retro game night tonight at Mother Russia 9-6-13. It’s a last minute notice.

This Friday anything? Or maybe this weekend?

In the interest of reviving this thread:

Last night was dope as shit. I’m glad I was able to come out and play some 3S, even thought it was literally the last thing I did lmao. Q hitconfirms!

“Wtf Drew, did you just yolo block that?!” - Dark Vilmon