Olympia Fightclub!


Yes we still play at OCC on Thursdays, USF4, GG, P4U, and UMVC3 are the games that are being played right now. As for your mas sticks if you can bring one my brother and I can look at it and try to help you out. Also what is wrong with it them anyway?


I love how all the CvS2 happens now that I’m gone.


I still haven’t played CvS2 at Gabi’s yet with anybody if that makes you feel better lol.

Every week there’s always 2 setups min. 1 setup for USF4, and the other for Arcsys games. Marvel occasionally takes up a 3rd spot. We have yet to setup CvS2 on either, but all I know is that I’m supposed to pick Sakura bc you said so, Drew.


A Groove Vega/Sakura/Blanka like Ricky


What time do people usually start playing? Some of the buttons lag when I press them.


but where would we play? Dorky’s? I did see some CRT TVs at Dorky’s


If it’s lag. It could be a number of things. It could be your tv/monitor you play on, if you are using a converter it could be that, something could be wrong with the PCB, parts becoming old/sticky/ect…, but what i really think is if your playing CvS2 on the PS3. Then that could be the real problem. CvS2 on the PS3 port was really bad and it had input lag. That could be whats going on. Your stick could be fine, but a bad port of the game could be your answer. The only way to fix that is to play CvS2 on a PS2 or a dreamcast.


Yeah, or he could ask @rcaido to put CvS2 in his candy cab at Mother Russia and get the invite. If Ryan still has that game I know he’ll be down to install it and play for a night, he seems to like it. Playing on an actual cab blows even the PS2 and Dreamcast versions away.


Yeah i have it hooked up to the Net City cab, no one really plays it though.


That sucks man. If I still lived up there I’d be all over that game, I never had any problem playing it over SFIV if it was available. Especially now that I’ve polished up my A-Bison execution and can actually hit some custom combos.


I’m playing on an old tv with a Dreamcast with one of those burned cd’s with marvel 2 and CVS2 and other street fighter games.


Just come to the comic shop on Thursday night and we can play, man.


What time do you guys start?


Thread dead?!?


It’s not dead. Sometime’s we forget to check up on it from time to time.



And also other reason why we don’t want this thread to be dead.


Most of us are usually on Facebook tbh haha


Updated the front page to reflect our new Location and Time.


I can bring a PS2 with CVS2 or something. I only have 2 PS2 controllers though. No arcade sticks for the PS2…