Olympia - Thurston County Roster/Weekly League Tournament Ranking For FREE SSIV

Decided to put our own Roster up. That way its a lot easier to send PMs, i’ll keep it updated…Post up if you want me to add you…Would be sweet if we all can come down at once…We can level each other up, lets do this!

Kryzak Sul
Tito Mel
Ynos - Is this Alex?
Getsum101 - Not sure if he’s from our area, dont think he has showed up yet
Herby Drinks - I dont think he’s been up yet
weinerhards- has not showed up yet
Lopez - Not sure if he has an account here
Kevin - Dont know SRk andles
Vincent - Dont know SRK handles…

XBL - baklakiller
PSN- rcaido

Been playing Street Fighter when Street Fighter 2 hit the arcades. I was mostly playing at Izzy’s Pizza, movie theater, 7-eleven stores, Day n Night, & South Sound Mall at the Goldmine arcade when it was still there. I later migrated to Capital Mall tilt once South Sound got bankrupted…I was a pretty dedicated player who went to the arcades everyday up until Marvel vs Capcom came out…

I then got married & the arcades started to die. I got back into SF, when Hyper fighting came out for XBL. I’ve been playing HD Remix religiously daily…SFIV came out & brought even more hype…Too bad i dont really care for it…Now we have Olympia Fightclub, im getting that hype back even if it is SFIV. Im really enjoy hanging out with people who have a common interest with me.

Anyway, i main Gief…Dont get near me or you’re going to get grab!

I want to start a weekly tournament league. Maybe we can start attracting more people, usually “Free Prize” works great:rofl: We will start having league weekly tournament except on the 1st week cuz that’s our main tournament day.


Every match is played to the best 2 of 3 games. Each game is best 2 of 3 rounds with standard timing. Akuma is ban.
Every match is played to the best 2 of 3 games. Each game is best 2 of 3 rounds with standard timing.

So to get points you have to win a match. Each match is worth +1 points.

For example
Alex vs Aburnflags
Match 1 Alex wins
Match 2 Aburnflags wins
Match 3 Aburnflags wins

Aburnflags would get +2
Alex would get +1

Alex would then have to play another opponent until he’s played everyone. We would total everyone’s point by the end of the night. I will post the results here. We should also start posting results of our main tournament here too. Maybe bonus points for placing Top 3 in our main monthly tournament.

Anyway we will continue to do this until SSIV comes out, whoever has the highest total point gets SSIV. I’ll provide SSIV to the winner when it comes out.

Its important that you show up every week though as you wont be able to gain points for not showing up. This good incentive to make peeps come weekly.

Im movin to Olympia!

I’m down to set up matches between everyone on Thursdays and log the scores if you want, rcaido

Is this for real?

Sweet, im hoping some more peeps start coming…

lol no Woodland needs me sorry

Remember, homie, I won’t be making it this week, but next week, I’m most likely in. I don’t see any reason why I won’t be there on the 4th.

I really like this idea and Kryzak Sul had a good idea whoever wants to chip in to go in on a dvd copy of the street fighter live action movie for second place, truly worthy for second place =)

So Portland folks, aside from having the regular $5 SFIV Tournament, we wanted to see if you guys are down for team battle 5 vs 5 Exhibition. Its a $2 Buy In, not sure about the rules yet…

Best 3 out 5 rounds /1 game winner stays on
Traditional Best 2 out 3 rounds / 2 games winner does not stay on.

Names would be taken out of hat so it would be random on who is playing who.

**Feb 25th, 2010 Thursday Results SFIV **

1st - rcaido
2nd - aburnflags
3rd - alec
4th - alex

We had our tournament to see who would make our Team. So Thurston County folks, those who want to make the team there is only 1 spot left…You guys would have to fight out for the last spot before the tournament starts, so get here early. Tournament starts 7:00pm the Exhibition Tournament would be after the main tournament. Any suggestions is welcomed…

More info on the League Ranking.

The two main games will be SFIV & HDR. The third game will be different weekly.

March 11 - Games to be played will be SFIV, HDR, & Tatsunoko vs Capcom
March 18 - Games to be played will be SFIV, HDR, & Tekken 6
March 25 - Games to be played will be SFIV, HDR, & Third Strike
April 1 - Games to be played will be SFIV, HDR, & Marvel vs Capcom 2
April 8 - Games to be played will be SFIV, HDR, & Blazeblue
April 15- Games to be played will be SFIV, HDR, & Alpha 3
April 22- Games to be played will be SFIV, HDR, & Karate Champ anyone got this? i cant think of one more game, any suggestions? Any games you dont want on the list?

1st - SSFIV games (PS3, 360, or PC)
2nd - Street Fighter Live Action DVD, i think it should be bluray IMO…
3rd - 89cent 5-Layer Burrito from Taco Bell

I still vote for Melty Blood to be one of the games, as it is one of the games at Evo this year.

I know that version I was playing with has issues, but we do have the previous iteration, which is pretty much the same minus some features and balance tweaks, that has no input or framerate issues.

As long as we can get 5 peeps to go then I’m sure everyone would be down for a team battle.

Sweet! :tup:

yeah none of the games are concrete, we should probably just vote on it. We can talk more about it on Thursday or we can just vote on what we want here…As long as Melty Blood doesn’t freeze up that should be fine…

Anyways, my plan is totally to be middling in SF4, be second after rcaido in HDR, and hopefully clean house in a few games of the week.

My plan is to win it all so i can buy SSIV for myself & then treat myself to an 89cent burrito while watching Street Fighter in the hood…

Kryzak, the twins are getting better & bmckay plays HDR too…Hopefully this tournament will bring out HDR being the superior game then that crummy SFIV…

For posterity’s sake, the first weekly game for rcaido’s league was voted upon, and Third Strike won.

Oh shit I didn’t notice 3rd place…Man I need to step my shit up if I want to get that

So with the matches we did this week, it pretty much looks like this.

rcaido: 32 points - 18/18 matches
vilmon: 15 points - 16/18 matches
kevin: 11 points - 10/18 matches
chris: 12 points - 12/18 matches
dj ragequit: 11 points - 11/18 matches
vincent: 10 points - 12/18 matches
kryzak sul: 12 points - 15/18 matches

I still have the matches that bmckay did if he has enough time to get the rest in next week.

But yeah, curse rcaido’s hdr dominance.

I’ll be there next week, and I’m bringing my wife. She promised.

Im surprise all the matches wasn’t able to be completed. I think it was just unorganized & me being 3hrs late haha. So all the blame was to me. Still i was able to complete all my matches before the night was over & still played casuals/chitchat/eat. I’ll bring in fight chart for people to fill out so they know who they need to fight & it would be their responsibility to finish them before the night is over or they dont get points for unfinished matches. Im sure this i will help Sam a lot.

Part of the reason i made this tournament to hopefully attract more people to our fighting game community & also keep our current community competitive each week. The other was to keep HDR alive cuz i love that game & hoping people will enjoy it too. Due to my experience with SFII, i have quite an advantage over you guys in HDR which gives me advantage in this League tournament. I will continue to play & my points will continue to count but if i get first place in the League tournament, i will be excluded from any of the prizes.

With that said, ggs last Thursday! See you guys next week!