Omaha Art Work


Sub-Zero some shit I drew out the head.


Attachment: cam_oc.jpg


The Evil Genius



The Evil Genius

Ryu & Ken unfisinhed though. I drew it in 10 mins


I didn’t know that you drew shit. Does everyone have artistic talent?


Yea I draw a lot


the first one is great except for whatever is coming out of his hands.

ryu and ken, well finish it and i’ll tell you what i think :slight_smile:


The Evil Genius

:evil:Yeah It’s supposed to be water like if you seen the first movie how that water came together.** Then he formed that ice ball well I was shooting for that, but I need photoshop to finish my pics.**** For the color effects. Can somebody help me get photoshop off Kazaa.**:evil:

:evil: :evil: :evil:


can’t have platinum w/out the BBQ


The Evil Genius

gee where have i seen this before?

how about you go fuck yourself.

why not just trace the shit. the whole image was there for you to copy and you still couldn’t finish it.
i bet you show this to your buddies at school and claim it’s yours.

fucking tool bag cock fiddler.


ooh i like the subzero alot… i love ninja!


Re: The Evil Genius

dude, those 2 pics are so popular, i thought it was assumed that they were copies.

those are the character select pics for 3rd strike, right? or where are they…


yeah the third strike is a copy, I know that…


blizz, I know that’s joe mad’s subzero. please post your original work man, not stuff I know others can do. :frowning:


I know that man I just remebered and drew from some cover work I never said I just made it up.


I have few of my pictures online at my tekken site : Check out the gallery if you like.:rolleyes: Btw: the site is english so everybody can understand what is there all about :smiley:


drew out of your head in artistic terms means you made it up.
don’t waste our time with this crap.


SUb Zero looks like JOe MADs art work…hmmmm? Has somebody been tracing PSM covers again?


well, it’s an old gamefan cover. it looks like joe mad’s stuff but I don’t see his sig anywhere.

I didn’t mean anything personal by what I said, just if you’re going to post artwork please make it your original stuff. I know you didn’t trace it, the lines are too different. But you definately had the mag out there when you were drawing the pic…the light reference (shading spots) is identical.

Using a reference is not always a bad thing, you can learn a lot from doing it sometimes. But you have to make it clear that you were working off of a reference pic. That way, shit like this doesn’t happen.


oops…your right it was GAMEFAN, PSM had the Scorpion one methinks. Btw, what is Joe Mad doing nowadays…