Omaha GGX and CVS2 results


Omaha GGXX and CVS2 results


nobody showed up for the damn tournamnt! Looks like we won’t be having any more of these after N-cubed. It may be replaced by a SC2 tournament.


1 - Tek
2 - Lamell - Ky
3 - Sal - Venom
4 - Jamarr
5 - Kenshiro
5 - David
7 - Aaron
7 - Jon
9 - Stacey

This was a pretty cool tournament. I was able to learn some cool shit from Sal with Venom. I’m not familiar with the game so I’m sorry I can’t put up who everybody used. But we got some footage of the tournament, I think between Stacey and my brother we got the whole thing recorded. It may be up on the server depending on the demand.

EDIT: fixed title :slight_smile:


This tourney was preatty good. I can see everyone plays it, WAY better then me. Props. to everyone in the tourney, yall gave me a headache(I think that’s how you spell it he he).

Ps. All of you need to start playing CvS2 if you don’t want to get your a$$ wooped at N-Cube.


No CvS2 tourney? Nebraska sucks. My apex points are going down as we speak.:frowning: Oh well your loss come N Cubed, I’ll keep practicing. Just one more thing…How are we supposed to get better if fools dont play?:confused: People hear complain about Roll Cancels and you guys have not even encountered that shit other then practicing it in training mode. If anyone should be bitching about it,it should be me loosing to roll canceling at MWC but I dont care I’m still down to play the game.



I’m debating on whether or not to have anymore cvs2 tournaments. i talked to everyone and they don’t care about that game anymore. they all want ggxx now. no one shows up for it except for datrick this month. we need a minimum of 8 guys…not looking good. the scene in omaha is dying off. its going to take sequel to 3s to bring it back to what it used to be.

december’s lineup is looking like saturday 6pm - GGXX & 9pm - 3s. No more tournaments on sunday. my schedule won’t permit it.


I just hope people won’t stop playing me like MvC2 on GGXX.


Nah its just gonna take a “good” street fighter game. Hell if they get A2 back it will bring more fools back.


Yeah good idea. I should talk to chad about getting Aplha 2 back!
Er mabe we should just get Datrick to talk to him cause he only listens to Dirty.:lame:

Super Good


why was the tourney for X and not XX?


Because the topic starter made a typo :slight_smile: It actually was for XX. Thanks for bringing the error to my attention.

Oh, and December’s GGXX tournament I’m gonna take first. So you can all eat my ass :lol:


Hey was up ID It was GGXX as DBR said. are you guys coming to N-Cube? I know Peter will try.


nah, i dont think anyones goin…


That sucks