Omaha, Monthly 3s results

Aug 28

24 entrees

Butch Urien sa1

True Karate Ibuki sa3,/ Yun sa3

Datrick Orr Ryu sa1,sa3

Jimmy Necro sa1,sa2/Urien sa3

Sept 27th

18 entrees

True Karate Alex sa2/Dudley sa3

2nd Aaron Mak sa1/Ken sa3

3rd Datrick Orr Ryu sa3/Ken sa3/Alex sa3

4th ???

Yeah Datrick has a last name.:arazz:


Yo you guys catch any vids of this?

Also, you guys gonna head to Ohio for SB3? I hope to chill with some of yall again.

Some random dude was taping the finals of the 1st one. I dont think anyone got any of the 2nd.

I know Simon said he was going to SB3. I got court on the 1oth, if I dont go to jail I might go cause I’ll get my bond back. I dunno though, Mary J. Blige is coming to Omaha the 15th too and my wife kind of wants to go to that…

Cool, cool. Hope to catch ya around again then.

good shit can’t wait 2 get back into the mix