Omar Dogan - DS DS Lite


Backstory is at San Diego Comic Con 2005 Omar Dogan did a quick sketch for me that was very cute… but never really felt complete. In 2006 I asked him if he wanted to do a full commission of the same image/pose. He agreed and it came out wonderfully.

Well recently an opportunity sprung up to put my DSLite under a laser and I had a choose a nice image that needed very little cleaning up (in the form of line art). After looking through some images I decided to use Omar’s piece.

so here is my DS (DarkStalkers) DS Lite

Click here to view

sorry about the image quality it came from my webcam… :sweat:


I must say that DS is hotness.


I hate to say but, you definitely destroyed a work of art that is meant to be left on paper, not electronics.


i think the translation from ink to carving came out really well. it’s just that people are used to seeing comics in black outline.


The shine on the black DS makes it look like there is a mirror between Morrigan and Lilith.


Very nice!