OMC6 results

Singles results(49 entrants)
1st: Cue(NE)-Eddie
4th:Jaime Austin(Ny)-Testament
5th: Final Showdown(Mi)-Ky
5th: MarlinPie(Ny)-Eddie

I will say this…every
top name from the gg scene was ousted a lot earlier than expected. Everyone from Kenji,Clayton,Alex and AKA(heavy Favorties to win)bozac and myself beaten by the new blood of GG.Super props to that scumbag david, My homie Kyle(malice) And that halfnigga Shawn for the placing.

team tourney results:(20 teams…funny that more people showed for the team tourney than the singles)
1st:Rape party(AKA,Cue)…Simon aka Deadweight-Eddie/Millia/who cares what Simon picked =p…ok Sol
2nd:Japhound(Marlinpie,Jaime Austin,Jet enduro)-Sol/Testament/Ky
3rd: Team Alex (Alex G,Myunsodono, Andrew )-Dizzy/Ky/may?

3rd strike(11 entrants)
1st: Juicy G-Ken
2nd: Simon Yoo-Ken
3rd: Cue-Ryu

A huge Sucess.Much love to everyone who came out.Expect Vids within a couple weeks(J1n recorded so much expect at least 500 mb worth).

characters used?

match vids?


what is this #R =/
go go david

blah grumble mummble…

heres my random comments…(complaining)

-Yea I know in a way it was inevitable, but im going to say it everytime no matter what, can we please have tournments on time. I really hate always beening one of the people on time and then having to wait and shit. Its gay… Also was there a reason that 15 min recess before the second tournment became 2 hours? seriously… Im not jokeing? What happend?

-Apperently eloquent corspe is a pokemon cuz when he evolved to “malice” form he got that much stronger…

Yea I couldnt think of any other joke to make… continueing…

-Sean got screwed period. How do you go from teetering on the verge of single match single elimation just to finish the tourny in time, then saying ok its all 2/3 now whole way through, to then having sean win his losers finals match, getting ready to play cue for finals, then giving into chicagos demands, and having sean have to go back and play kyle only to then lose? Come on man, thats bs dude. Its not fair to keep switching it like that. Plus wasnt it already after 12, when we were all already not even suppose to be in the building anymore? BS man…

-People need to umm watch out and realize tournments are going on and not walk in FRONT of tvs WHILE people are playing. This happend multiple times, and matchs had to be restarted, I know its a mistake(or hope)but watch out… come on…

-Thanks to dan for helping me find my car again, and getting lost with me etc etc. Thanks lol…

-Thanks to jason, brian for running the tournment and who ever else helped… id say thanks to ed, but I think all he did was drink this time lol. Well thanks to him and mu for walking to go get all the chicken I guess. Oh and fuck whoever took more then there fair share who probably didnt even pay. I paied 5 bucks, and got 3 baby chicken strips and some bread, and some people who didnt even pay and were eating. Which was part of the deal, but still… I wanted what I paied for. =[

-Thanks to malik for the pad, ill have to pay you back another day.

-sorry to kenji and aj, i suck.

-If any videos of me are put online im going to be hella pissed, i asked nicely not to be taped and i think i still was and yea I was pissed. I dont want to be taped and i sure dont want to hear those shitty ass matchs of me are on the internet.

-sorry to veteru etc, i had some other cool bugs to show you, like makeing light saber hit… LOW(OOOHH AAAAAAAAH OOO)but i suck so i couldnt even frc let alone do all that carzy stuff… Anyway anything I did shwo you though dont tell anyone else how to do! SEEKRIT! Oh and acctualy techinquly I guess I should say thanks to veteru, in a way you helped me learn something about GG for the first time in maybe a year or more.

-oh yea and sorry that I didnt help clean up at all or hang out afterwords, my freinds were pretty ready to get out of there already and were already out the door right when it ended… so kinda had to go lol.

Anyway umm yea thanks to everyone that was cool etc etc… Good job to everyone that did well yadda yadda… Ah hrmm… Yea I guess thats it for now… ill say all the other rambles and complains for my emo journal lol.

EDIT: oops accident wrote to be taped instead of NOT to be taped… Yea you know what I mean.

Hooray for copy-paste from DLoop.

If I recall this was done because winners finals were 3 out of 5 even though they weren’t supposed to be. The night really belonged to Sean and Kyle and I agree that it’s a shame they didn’t have a “normal” match.

Fuller Results with characters:

  1. Team Rape Party (AKA,Cue,Yooyoung) (Millia, Eddie, Sol)
  2. Team Jap Hound (MarlinPie, Jamie Austin, Jet Enduro) (Sol, Testament, Ky)
  3. Team Alex G/Andrew/Myunsodono (Dizzy, Ky, I-no)
  4. Team Not So Serious (UkyoTachibana, SH_, j1n) (Zappa, Baiken, Slayer)
    5 Tie: Team Daaymn (ElvenShadow, JuicyG, Bob Washington) (Faust, Sol, Potemkin), Team KBnova/FinalShowdown/AJ (Anji, Ky, Potemkin)

Total Entries: 20 Teams (60 People), + 100 bonus = 700 pot.

45 People for Singles.

Guilty Gear IS the main event. :slight_smile:

Oh yea where did Mr. Mamation get that snappy blazer! ive been looking for one for so long but I can never find one. =[ Where did you get it!?

Oh and umm kenji I forgot my glasses case again… so im pretty sure you still have it lol.

GJ Cue!
I held it down in ECC =)…

15 less people than a supposed GG major…? GG scene must suck. =|…


You know a lot of people ended up not even coming that were suppose to or had a good shot. If everyone acctualy came thats come to tournies before there probably woulda been 70 something. Plus beacuse the tourny was ran so late some people ended up not even entering singles… Anyway you shoulda went. Also besides that team tourny was the main “draw” as it had the extra pot and that was 60. So yea stop being a meanie peenie.

MWC is two weeks awayyyyyyyyyy…dont be scurd.

wait 2 weeks away I thought! Anyway hopefully more girls less benimarus.