Omega changes

Let’s list the changes we find on Omega mode if only as some sort of exercise until Gen gets fixed.
Cr. mk hits twice.
EX duck straight hits several times as some sort of Corkscrew Blow.
As announced, short swing blow is now divided into two moves: hcb + K does sway. After it, P triggers regular short swing blow and K merely moves forward (move is supposed to have upper body invincibility.
LK sway into short swing blow juggles the opponent.
Forward throw makes some quicker hits (aesthetic only?)
Some target combos seem to juggle the opponent.
Thunderbolt is nowhere to be found? Not that I miss it as it was, but is the move now executed somewhere else? I would love to find it turned into a divekick of sorts but so far I’m unsuccessful.
EASIER LINKS!! Overhead into cr. lp is easier but the big winner is Cr hp into St. HK. Unless other characters are so buffed that getting in is hard, this warranties a lot more stun online.

Needs to see it on action (again, Gen has to chill down) but overall not impressed. None of the above seem to be a gamechanger but easier links are a boon.

I haven’t played Omega but is seems other chars had much better stuff.

first hit of crouching mk is special cancelable
ducking upper doesnt throw opponent farther and higher than before
EX ducking upper now floats higher for more juggle potential ( ex ducking straight por example)

you can also follow up a ex cross counter with a ex ducking straight

Overhead is +3 on hit and -5 on block, which sucks. launches really far but puts the opponent in a free juggle state, full animation U2s in the corner ahoy!

Also Omega just has huge input leniency for everyone, as to why combos are easier now.

Why they take out thunderbolt?

Dunno. Guess it was lazy logic: “we Heard Dudley players were complaining about Thunderbolt, so we removed it”.

Anyway, I got excited at cr HP, st. HK link getting easier because it was working well against dummy Gen but, as soon as I moved to shotos… It doesn’t work anymore at all! Whiffs as it used to whiff against Poison, it comes out but opponent is too far to connect. Hidden nerf?

I haven’t used Omega Dudley but he lost thunderbolt and also overhead after exMGB in corner. Now you say crHP, stHK doesn’t work as before.
It seems they nerfed Dudley in Omega.

My discoveries so far:

as mentioned, floats the opponent farther away :frowning: . In most situations midscreen, you can only follow up with hp mgb.
Havent tested the free jugle state in the corner oO , nice finding !!

overhead ~ doesnt work anymore :frowning:
cr.hp ~ doesnt work anymore on shotos :frowning:

BUT! ~ ~ works on everybody now. :slight_smile:

duck upper, (first hit FADC). Due to the faster dash, you can now easily combo into ~ xx ex.mgb !! or just xx anything !! :slight_smile: . FOr example : cr.lp, cr.lp ~ XX duck upper, FADC, ~ xx …

What I have gathered do far.


[] Sway upper can be used as an anti air that can combo
] Easier links benefit Dudley greatly
[] Dudleys 3rd strike normal goes through lows
] Dudley can score good damage with 0 meter used (364)



[] does not have a midscreen followup anymore
] Does not have a 2 meter special which is disappointing
[*] Hk counter hit pushback returned to AE 2012 state.


Well thats what I have found at the moment. Will report back when I have information.