Omega DeeJay - It's DeeJay Time



This topic probably qualifies as being thread worthy, I suppose.

So Omega is due to drop sometime soon, and I’m hype as hell for what he’s going to be like, if need be I’ll keep this thread updated regularly with his move properties and such if people would like that. I know one of the sticky threads OP creators’ accounts is dead or something along those lines, but I’m about this struggle so I’ll try my best to maintain a flow of updates.

So I haven’t seen any current DeeJay builds in Omega and I’m completely clueless on what he has apart from he is now a “Motion” character (Okay?). I was quite hoping for an EX Sobat that launches similar to Chun’s, that can lead into resets or U1/Dash U2 or something. Apart from that, just some increased damage and improved normals.


Motion mon!


“So, guys…what shall we give DeeJay for the new Omega update?”

One voice in the room shouted “Nothing! Turn him into a shoto!” because making new stuff is hard word for Capcom.

On a real note though, even though it isn’t anything cool to look at like some other characters got, giving his moves motion properties is gonna be a weird and wonderful experience (I hope…).

I’ll be more pumped when they announce some sort of new move, or give one of his moves new properties.


"Waning Moon: Dee Jay goes airborne and comes down with a crescent-moon kick. This gives Dee Jay a new move for getting in.

He’s also got new command normals and target combos, which really makes him feel like a kickboxer."


Thanks a bunch, didn’t know that they’d released info on him yet! I’ll go and give it a quick read through.


Some omega Deejay footage at the 4:25 mark


5:00 mark*


I know it’s new and I know it’s supposed to be for fun, but that hurt to watch.




I’ll add all of his new stuff when the info gets released on the OP as soon as I can.

Now I’ve seen his gameplay…the crappy recycled normal move design they’ve been going with is showing again. Even if it’s free I’m so disappointed that they couldn’t even be bothered to develop new animations for the moves. PLEASE for the love of god go and check out Cody’s new reversal, it looks so fucking idiotic I can’t even begin to word it. My hype has definitely died down for Omega mode now just due to the lack of effort put into it, people keep reiterating that it’s free so I shouldn’t complain, but so is dog-shit and I don’t go picking that up and taking it home with me.


After watching some more gameplay Dj look like ass. Everyone has some broken nonsense and the best thing i have seen from dj is mk/hk sobat knockdown and a slow overhead.


Well, he’s motion now, his broken nonsense isn’t as apparent. That would make his fireball and upkicks quite awesome.


New command normals and a command grab were spoken about at some point, I think…new stuff is bound to show up I imagine.


Command grab, you sure? Thought it was just a target combo and the waning crescent bullshit kick along with full motion movements.


It may have been “Command normals.” To be honest I stopped following the entire thing after extended gameplay was shown.


I find it hard to believe a lot of people really care about Omega. I couldn’t care less.


At least you’re with me on it, the entire game mode looks like shambles, the amount of effort put into it is abysmal, I could give a fuck less how hard it is to code games, half of these “new” moves look so poorly made and thought out. Yet again I refer anybody reading back to Cody’s new reversal as it shows just how lazy they have been with this. It’s literally just a badly animated spin with Cody frozen in his Crack Kick.


Omega Dee Jay is just… Wow…


Dident like it. I want a charge charecter, why not give him inputs charge style, like Mortal kombat kinda.


I had five minutes this morning, landed mk (crescent overhead special ?),>ex.mgu, Ultra 2