Omega E.Honda



So just watched this video (Honda at 14:30)

Appears honda is getting a ton of pretty cool stuff. What appears to be a shoulder charge rekka type deal, salt projectile, a 2nd CMD grab, faster buttslam, and the ability to combo off of ex ochio. What do you guys think? I’m super pumped.

  • The salt isn’t really a projectile because it doesn’t last longer than the animation of the attack.
  • st.HK is very slow now. It makes me worry for Honda’s footsie game and even if his main bnb works in this mode (cr.LP xx HHS, st.HK)
  • normal back throw seems techable with quickrise.
  • Honda doesn’t cross the opponents up anymore from his command throw(s)
  • Buttslam is weird. It seems like it’s a quick regular jump and then slams down really fast. If you cancel light buttslam from a normal (f.ex., it seems it will most likely whiff. On hit, Honda bounces back and creates distance, but not on whiff.
  • I have no idea how the charge tackle works and what the use for it is. It’s a fast horizontal attack that does a lot of damage and leaves the opponent close on knockdown, I suppose. Something Honda never had before. I wonder if u can cancel it from a jab and make it combo


the buttslam is godlike. i was actually thinking about this like a week ago his mixup would be so much better on knockdown if that thing wasnt so slow. im liking this a lot.

cant figure out what the hell the salt is supposed to do maybe you can combo from it? doesnt do more than 1 hp damage and startup doesnt seem particularly fast to make it a keep out move

i never noticed a difference in the st hk the first time i watched it but yeah recovery seems super long

wow you see the range on ex oicho. the animations look janky as fuck though, he combos into overhead and then buttslam thats some solid damage right there in 2 command throws he does like 600-700 damage

dont really understand the point of the shoulder charge unless its a motion move (doesnt seem like hes charged for it) damage seems good on it. doesnt seem safe on block but maybe safer than headbutt.

damage overall seemed awesome in this mode and the speed was good too. shit if you think there is a lot of dumb shit in regular SF4 you are gonna get your mind blown when this comes out. unblockables and fake cross ups are probably gonna go through the roof