OMEGA GAMES PRESENTS: Omega Tournament #2 12/18/10 $150 extra to SSFIV C-ville, VA


Omega Games Presents! Omega Tournament #2 on 12/18/10 in Charlottesville, VA!!

Omega Games LLC. Presents! A Super Street Fighter IV Tournament with side events! 

Streams and videos!
We record most of our games taking place!
We will be streaming this event.

Xbox 360, PS3 We have either Usable. (BYOC Bring your own Controller/stick)
Nintendo Wii(We have 2 Arcade sticks for TVC)

$10 Venue Fee
Warm-ups begin as soon as there are people to play against(Store opens at 10 AM)
ALL tournament entry fee's are given back as prizes!

$10 SSFIV Singles (See Below) STARTS AT 1 PM(Extra $150 to the POT)
$15 Per team. SSFIV Team Tournament(3 vs 3)(See below)
$5 TVC Double Elim(Default)
$5 MvC2 Double Elim(Jugg glitch allowed Winner must keep currently team comp and order)
$5 Blazblue Double Elim(Default)
$5 HD Remix Double Elim(Akuma banned.)
$5 SSF Puzzle Fighter II HD Remix(Default)
$5 Street Fighter 3rd Strike!(Default)

Side events will be run in 8 man pods(Or if enough 16 man)


Singles prize breakdown 70/20/10
Team tournament prize breakdown 70/20/10

1. 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games, Double Elimination, 99 Seconds, No Handicap
2. Stages will be selected at random.
3. Winners must keep the same character and can change ultra but must do so before opponent make their choice.

Tag team tournament will start exactly 15 min after SSFIV singles ends.
Same rules apply.

The End Game Center
722 West Rio Rd
Suite #8
Charlottesville VA 22901
PHONE: (434)973-2205

There are many fast food restaurants and delis very close to the venue. Also snacks and drinks will be on sale inside of the store.

The End Game Center is a friendly, community oriented gaming and hobby shop in Charlottesville Virginia. The End specializes in Magic the Gathering and Warhammer 40,000/Fantasy products and events. We also feature Xbox 360 gaming stations and are very excited about accommodating the SSF4 community at large.

Please call or email us at [email][/email] with any questions, we are more than happy to provide any and all information we can.




  1. Havitz
  2. JP_FTW
  3. Mole
  4. M. Fear
  5. Ubahman
  6. K-swizzle
  7. The Driver
  8. P.Hess
  9. Benguin
  10. T-rowe
  11. Jerbil
  12. IamtheCory
  13. LoneEnigma
  14. Foomyjin
  15. SeanMiyagi(Bringing a PS3 Setup)
  16. Datniceguy


lol didn’t know I was gonna be there…

but I probably will be.


I’ll make it out for sure and might be bringing some new hotness ;).

Tournaments are always well organized and are always loads of fun.

Prolly should add C-ville, cough Rogtown, to the title so people know and therefore will click and view and come.


I’m planning on coming to this, looking forward to meeting/playing new people.


Hey that’s cool dude! I’ve seen you on the VT/Roanoke thread. You should come down to Blacksburg sometime for games.


I plan to soon I was playing with Gx3vi yesterday a little and talking about making it up there my next weekend off. sucks to have to travel so far to game but you guys seem pretty chill so making a weekend out of it would rule.


I’ll probably swing by for this one. I’ll see who else from RVA I get to go with me.


Awesome!! Lets get some NOVA there aswell!

Also. We will be there TONIGHT for our thursday fight club… All our locals get together and play so if you’re bored head out it’s from 6-10


Sounds fun :slight_smile: I’ll try to rally some troops here and head up there. Had a blast at the last one.

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If Foomy is rollin, I’m rolling. I can bring a setup if you need. It’s a ps3.

DatniceGuy, you better be there son!!!


I’d like 2 PS3 Setups and we currently have none. So! The first 2 people to bring a PS3 Setup(Tv, System, and SSFIV) Will have the venue fee waived!

so I guess Seanmiyagi is the first!


Lol, I think there’s salty runbacks to be had…


Rofl… Gotta hear this one…


We at the store are very excited about this event! it is kind of the leading up to our major that will be held in March/April… I cannot wait to meet all the new players looking like the pot will be ATLEAST $500 this tournament!!


So who is planning on making it out!?


anybody want to get some games in on sunday after thanksgiving?


Yeah, I’ll get out there. come on NOVA and SOVA lets gets some hype… we ALWAYS travel out to your events lets see the favor returned.


Tell me more :bgrin:


bUMP?! also Pizzzaaa at the event!