Omega Games Presents! SSFIV Tournament 9/4/10 Charlottesville, VA!

Omega Games LLC. Presents! A Super Street Fighter IV Tournament with side events! due to the nature of how soon this tournament will be held! we are making all the entries fees quite affordable for anyone that would love to come out!

Streams and videos!
We record most of our games taking place!(Check out our YouTube Channel!)->>>LINK!<<<
We will be streaming this event.

Xbox 360, PS3 We have either Usable. (BYOC Bring your own Controller/stick)
Nintendo Wii(We have 2 Arcade sticks for TVC)

$5 Venue Fee
Warm-ups begin as soon as there are people to play against(Store opens at 10 AM)
ALL tournament entry fee’s are given back as prizes!

$5 SSFIV Singles (See Below) STARTS AT 1 PM
$5 Per team. SSFIV Team Tournament(3 vs 3)(See below)
$3 TVC Double Elim(Default)
$3 MvC2 Double Elim(Jugg glitch allowed Winner must keep currently team comp and order)
$3 Blazblue Double Elim(Default)
$3 HD Remix Double Elim(Akuma banned.)
$3 SSF Puzzle Fighter II HD Remix(Default)
$3 Street Fighter 3rd Strike!(Default)

Side events will be run in 8 man pods!


Singles prize breakdown 70/20/10
Team tournament prize breakdown 70/20/10


  1. 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games, Double Elimination, 99 Seconds, No Handicap
  2. Stages will be selected at random.
  3. Winners must keep the same character and can change ultra but must do so before opponent make their choice.

Tag team tournament will start exactly 15 min after SSFIV singles ends.
Same rules apply.

The End Game Center
722 West Rio Rd
Suite #8
Charlottesville VA 22901
PHONE: (434)973-2205

There are many fast food restaurants and delis very close to the venue. Also snacks and drinks will be on sale inside of the store.

The End Game Center is a friendly, community oriented gaming and hobby shop in Charlottesville Virginia. The End specializes in Magic the Gathering and Warhammer 40,000/Fantasy products and events. We also feature Xbox 360 gaming stations and are very excited about accommodating the SSF4 community at large.

Please call or email us at with any questions, we are more than happy to provide any and all information we can.

I’ll most likely be there

Doit. I’m in.

Morieris will be there for sure, especially now that the price is down to $10.

Ill try to go for 3s.

I’ll probably be there.

I’ll be there for sure!

Awesome! We are gonna try and get pizza and everything for the event! to have a fun day of gaming!

P.S. We are having our wednesday ranbats@6pm TONIGHT! At the store!

Hype. Be there for sure!

What? The legend himself? Woot.

So we will be doing matchs on Thursday night of this week for all those who would like to get some practice in before the tournament.

you guys weren’t joking when you said this was soon haha. Keychain flashlights ftw! Next time I’ll definitely be there just gotta request off haha.


You guys sure can pick dates… first time it was move in day, now its the first home game of the season???

I’m gonna come out for the early afternoon I guess as long as I can get out of my street, (although I was totally thinking about grilling that day…)

But I need to play Puzzle Fighter and that is pretty big for me, haha… <3

My crew and I would like to come out to this but there is only one issue…

It’s booked on the same date as my event. :confused:

There is no way you could push it back to boost attendance on both of our events, is there? I understand if you don’t want to, just asking to help the community and the event. I’m sure that double booking was unintentional.

Cough Cough bump…

Gonna be doing casuals tonight around 6 pm. Come out and get some games in before the tournament.

Last night at the Biltmore some rando was talking mad crap about some SSF4. I told him to show up to this and be ready to get bodied. I’m excited. I’m taking his money.

Lulz @jp. Potmonsters - contributing to one of our wallets at a game store near you. :tup:

I have a study group until 6, I was gonna stay until 6:30-9:00 at the End. I gotta go to the library and drown myself in some Physics reading afterwards. Maybe some at teh store. ::shrug::

The tournament is tomorrow! we will have pizza running cheap sideevents! and just hoping for an all around fun time of leveling up!

Rogtown tomorrow I’ll Be there at 10 ish