Omega good for a S/D team?

I have been building a solid base playing with Doom in almost all of my teams for the past couple of months and now i am learning Strider/Doom. If i dont pick Cyclops AA or Ken AA as the third character, i tend to get overrun by rushdown teams. I am thinking about using Omega Red, but i am not really sure his disadvantages and advantages when it comes to teaming up with S/D. He builds meter like a mofo and controls space well esspecially with Dooms rocks but, am i missing something here?
IMO Omega Red seems like he would be a perfect fit to hold his own, esspecially if my Strider was killed. I am not Really a sentinel fan, Doom is already to slow and rushdown prone and i would stick with Cyclops if i didnt keep getting owned by Iron man players. At least with Omega i can hold my own against most strategies. And he kind of throws off the general predictability of using Strider/Doom. I dont know, which is better? Simple and reliable or Deceptive and lethal?

Use Cable. Strider can build A LOT gauge with S/D. Use it with Cable. Its an awesome combonation. Because Omega focuses on throws and his defence is pretty bad. So when Strider dies,you have plenty of gauge for AHVB.

I think that depends. If you’re a trap buff, Cable will HAVE LITTLE OR NO METER TO ahvb when/if Strider dies. Strider uses just as much, if not more than Cable, when the trap comes into play. If you’re good with OR, by all means use him. He’s a hot azz character to play, and you’d get mad props if you learned him well (from me, at least).

then try using Venom alpha assist it is good trap with strider…

i think cables a bad idea unless you start strider. still, cable/doom is prone to rushdown.

cyc - good aa, good meter builder

storm- youll have trouble with sent/cyc types and other sent zoning, but other than that she wont get rushed if you know what youre doing. good with doom and good meter builder.

sent- sent/doom is tough to play if you let yourself get countered. always try to have strider on magneto or cable. and sent vs storm or other sents.

ironman- good aa, good meter building. strider orbs can lead to tag into ironman infinite

omega red- builds meter at insane pace. tough ass match up against top tiers especially cable. takes alot of skill to win with omega.

go from there !

personally, i find cable/strider/doom more effective when you start cable. but i guess that’s cuz i learned that team to fight guys who go sent/cable/aa in that order. The way i see it, Strider is always using and building meter for himself. Whereas cable always holds the meter in reserve until he can fuck someone up, in which case the meter he burned will be worth it. Also, if cable happens to be dying, you have an instant way to dhc his ass out of there. Drop doom, AHVB, rocks get released, DHC to strider.