Omega Mode Cody Thread (Discoveries/Tech/Matches/Ect)

KKK is the final move input

@BixHD Well…I only tested it against a HP Hadouken and unfortunately it invincibility doesn’t last long enough to dodge a fireball. But it seems close. So maybe a fast projectile like EX Sonic Boom. Needs more testing for sure. So far I seems to dodge regular attacks pretty well though.

You can do back + lp on the 3rd hit of the lp chain and he does a quick punch behind him. This links into

  • EDIT: also chains into other light attacks, INCLUDING the forward+lp chain. You can get at least 4 reps in the corner.

I gave it a try, and found I could dodge one of Poison’s fireballs, but I can’t recall which I tried it with. The problem is that the timing is absurdly strict, so I’m not sure how useful it is for dealing with fireballs.

He got a new dodge, not the Alpha 3 one. A3 was automatic and looped into itself so you ALWAYS could dodge stuff. New dodge is down+3K and doesn’t last very long. He can’t possibly dodge most slower fireballs, including Ryu’s LP fireball. He can dodge a HP Fireball but it’s strict timing.

Omega cody got fair number of nerfs too. heavy punches are now 80 damage for instance. His EX Criminal Upper has ZERO invincibility to ANYTHING. Close HP can’t be as easily used for meaties as the hitbox now changes position, but it can be used for anti airing. HP Criminal Upper no longer combos from lights. Criminal upper now knocks down on first hit so he can’t do FADC combos from it.

Also he is based on his AE2012 version. Slower walk speed, F+HK not airborne, badstones don’t release properly when held, ect.

His knife was barely changed :frowning:

Normals - same damage, including chip, no fix to crouching normals not being crouching, no frame data changes, no juggle options anymore. crouching LP, standing LP, and close standing MP 1st hit are special cancelable. He can’t do farMP or any other normals. New focus attack using sHP animation does same damage as regular focus attack but has less reach and can’t be used for kara dash.

No EX Knife throw lol. His knife throw is slightly faster and he can combo into LP Knife throw but it also has a little bit slower recovery than before.

Jesus christ are there new combo possibilities. From cr.lp you can link into, cl.hp and You can do anywhere on screen after hp CU juggle into super. So much to explore :slight_smile:

Also, after all CU, including EX, you can do KKK

So a cool looking combo I did in the corner was forward lp chain > back lp whiff for 3rd hit > cr.fierce > ex 3P bad stone > cr.jab > > ex ruffian > ex CU

Can confirm that 1 hit dust -> wrench swings WILL still activate the animation

You can juggle with close roundhouse now, looks pretty funky.
Crack kick > close roundhouse etc.

so>cl.hp is a thing now lol.

EDIT: actually>a lot of things is a thing now.>> links feel hella easier so i’m sure they increased the frame advantage on hit by a good amount along with increasing the proximity range on his close normals (something that’d help him in normal cody lol.)

same goes with the knife It feels extremely easy to link into and again, since got the proximity buff, you can combo into it. (so i’m assuming knife got more frame advantage on hit also)

shame some of these buffs are on regular cody though.

EDIT EDIT: Cody got a EX low bad stone. Have to hold lp+hp instead when doing bad stone and he tosses low versions of rocks ala bad spray. you CAN combo into these as they’re much faster.

Actually the reason the links are easy mode has nothing to do with frame data changes. A LOT of moves have a cancel list now for “ground” moves that will execute on the last frame of the attack. For example, closeMP will save any move input during the last 6-7F and start it as soon as the move recovers. Basically everything has huge buffers now to make links easier.

well that explains that lol.

I also noticed they reverted Yang’s walkspeed back to pre ultra. nothing huge to know but since cody’s walkspeed got nerfed back to AE2012 just thought i’d throw that out there.

Every character is based on AE2012 version. Cody’s F+HK is also not airborne, badstone still doesn’t release properly (and oddly got ZERO changes :/), knife doesn’t cause air resets, backdash still AE2012 version, ect ect

Regular crLK is 4F startup but chained crLK is 3F still.

Some stuff I’m seeing in the omega file as well as noticed in game
Walk Speed - 0.38/0.24 (AE2012 Status)
Forward Dash - 16F (FADC Dash is still 18F)
Back Dash - 23F (Back to 7.5 range AE2012 status)

close LP - 3F startup, hitbox expanded a lot
close MP - no change
close HP - 6F startup, 4F active, hitbox now follows arms SORT OF, it doesn’t work like Sakura’s where it actually follows the arm model, they actually created hitboxes for each frame at different positions. 1st frame is exactly like normal version, remaining frames follow arms abit and have a bigger hitbox than normal, can now anti air. Damage reduced from 100 to 80
close LK - no change
close MK - 5F startup, 1F more active frames, now hits twice, only first hit is special/super cancelable. 7030 damage now
close HK - 5 or 6F startup, not sure (I think it’s 5F because CH sLK combos to clsHK on specific characters). Hits twice, moves forward on startup. 2nd hit launches, first hit forces stand. Launches even on air hit. 80
40 damage 150*50 stun now. 1st hit special cancelable

Far LP - seems unchanged but it looks like he pulls is hand back a little slower now so it’s a tiny bit easier to whiff punish, same total frame count though.
Far MP - 1F longer if you leave the stick in neutral but same interrupt timing so same total frame count if you try and do anything. Otherwise un changed.
Far HP - Unchanged for better or worse
Far LK - Unchanged
Far MK - Unchanged
Far HK - Unchanged

Crouching LP - Now 3/3/6? It def has less active frames not sure if 3/3/6 or 3/2/7 instead of 4/4/5. Still doesn’t combo to crHP. Hurtbox is a bit smaller, hitbox a is a little bigger but the total reach is the same.
crouching MP - now 5/2/11 instead of 5/3/10, no other changes just has less active frames but same total frame count means same frame advantage :frowning:
crouching HP - Damage reduced from 100 to 80, no other changes.
crouching LK - now 4/4/7 instead of 3/4/8. It’s 0F on block +3F on hit so it combos to crLP now. Pushback on hit/block was increased by 33%, damage increased from 20 to 35. Hitbox size was slightly increased but no change in terms of reach. Overall, IMO it’s worse despite the fact he now has a low hit confirm. The increase to pushback + 4F startup sucks. It’s a more well rounded move but it doesn’t link into itself, chain into other normals and it’s worse for punishes now.
crouching MK - hitbox added for anti airing, this hitbox is positioned above Cody’s feet I think (I haven’t seen it yet but I think it’ll look kind of like Alpha 3 Cody’s slide hitbox) however this hitbox hits MID, I think it might screw up some situations where you want it to hit meaty because now it might not always need to be blocked low, not 100% sure. Looks like it has 1F less recovery, but since it’s based on the AE2012 version it’s -2F on hit -5F on block.
crouching HK - now 6/2/25 instead of 7/3/24. Hitbox on 2nd frame has less reach than normal version of Cody but 1st frame is the same. Damage increased from 100damage 100stun to 110 damage 200stun.

Neutral Jumping Normals - All Unchanged
Forward Jumping Normals - ALL BUT 1 unchanged
Forward Jump HK - Active Frames reduced from 11F to 5F :frowning:

Forward Throw - Range reduced dramatically damage increased to 180 damage 200stun (same as most characters throws)
Back Throw - damage increased to 180 damage 200stun

Badstone - Zero changes except for new EX Low Badstone done with LP+HP

Low EX Badstone - 14F startup +3F on hit -4F on block same damage/stun as regular EX Badstone.

F+HK - JP2 now, opponents fall WAY faster on air hit though, can’t do F+HK - F+HK - EX Criminal Upper for instance. Pretty hard to really utilize the F+HK JP2 buff. No longer airborne (AE2012 status)
B+MP - back to AE2012 status in that it can’t be counterhit on startup, otherwise un changed
F+MP - unchanged
F+HP - unchanged

LK Ruffian Kick - Less and slower forward movement, 2F less recovery frames. Damage increased from 120 to 140 to compensate for not being hard knockdown anymore. Now super cancelable
MK Ruffian Kick - Damage reduced from 130 to 120, now super cancelable.
HK Ruffian Kick - hitbox reduced dramatically in size for anti airing purposes. Forward movement reduced in speed and distance. Recovery reduced by 5-6F

Megacrash - 6F startup 3F active on first hitbox, long gap before back facing hitbox (~15F) back facing hitbox only active for 3F. Invincible for 10F. Can be low profiled by some things like Zonk or Blanka’s slide. Drops knife when performed. Very negative on block. Performed with All kicks. ~10F grounded recovery upon landing.

F+LP 4F startup, 40 damage 50stun, causes a knockdown on air hit. Can be performed with the knife

F+LP+LP 40 damage 50stun, JP1 causes a knockdown on air hit can be canceled to F+LP LP LP or Back LP

Back+LP zero damage, VERY short total frame count. A frame perfect F+LP - LP - Back LP leaves you +7F on hit and ~+2F? on block.

F+LP+LP+LP 60 damage 50stun before scaling. Can’t be FADC’d (unlike Guy’s) forces stand on hit. Can be canceled to F+LP+LP+LP+LP or Down+LP. JP2 causes a knockdown on air hit

Down+LP 110 damage 100stun. Techable knockdown, causes Cody to throw opponent opposite direction he is facing. Causes Cody to drop the knife. Doesn’t let Cody perform an air reset or anything, opponent is almost instantly on the ground, very little frame advantage given to Cody, only good because it does more damage and can put opponent in the corner if your back is to the corner

F+LP+LP+LP+LP 80 damage 100stun, JP3 causes a knockdown on ground hit or airhit. Can followup with EX Criminal Upper or ultra 2 mid screen without an FADC or F+MP/Megacrash in the corner. Doesn’t launch high enough for MK or HK Ruffian unfortunately. Can be canceled to knife throw.

Despite the better zonks, and his new dodge move I think Omega Cody is worse vs Fireball characters than USF4 Cody. EX Ruffian has so much less range now (only about 1/4th-1/3rd of a screen, it’s pretty short), still isn’t projectile invincible until active and now only projectile invincible 7F total instead of 10F and Cody is back to AE2012 walk speed, plus his focus dash is still 18F and his low fireball doesn’t help vs zoners except for Juri due to the fireball position.

if Sway could be held similar to Yoga Tower so it was more consistent, and they sped up his badstone from 29F -> 25F I think he’d be better than USF4 Cody vs fireballers by quite abit, but not only are fireballs WAY better for most characters in Omega mode (except Cody :|) but his tools vs them are either the same or slightly worse.

The only situation I think he is better vs Fireballers is if he is already in range of their standard crMK pokes because Zonk is a few frames faster now. However it’s still hard to react to a fireball at that range unless they buffer it from a normal.

The amount of ways Omega Cody can combo into the juggle version of U2 is pretty impressive. Many are meterless too. LP/MP/HP Criminal Upper, closeHK, HK/EX Ruffian, EX Zonk, F+HK, LP Knife Throw.

That said, they nerfed the startup by 1F so it no longer links from closeMP or knife crHP :frowning:

U1 is pretty much useless now since it didn’t get ANY change. Not even a hitbox buff or increased JP. It’s still crazy slow startup and only 2F active and only JP1 and with a ton of stuff falling a lot faster it’s tough to actually combo into U1 now outside of HK Ruffian FADC.

Also Cody’s new super is 6F startup and invincible I think 10F? And it has infinite JP so there are a ton of ways to combo into it, he can even combo it from a regular zonk despite the fact that they have Juggle Usage 99 because the JP on super is 127. It’s actually the only thing that combos from normal zonk since they cause such a fast falling knockdown that megacrashes’ relatively small hitbox whiffs.

Last hit of Cody’s F+LP chain can be canceled into knife throw for some reason o_O, nothing else just knife throw/super cancel.

sMP with knife had it’s pushback GREATLY reduced. Previously each hit of sMP caused 0.3 pushback (same as most lights, most mids cause 0.5 pushback). Cody’s knife now causes 0.3 TOTAL, the first hit causes 0.2 and the 2nd hit causes 0.1 pushback. Of course this is not accounting for things like pushboxes causes things to shift how far you are away from the opponent but you can actually do sMP with knife and still be in range for like closeHK, too bad it doesn’t link and you can’t do sMP - sLP - close anything or even sLP - sLP close anything lol.

Still, it means you can pressure better, are more likely to get both hits, and you can do longer combos like sMP - sLP - sMP - sLP - sMP on many characters.

Actually I find this buff more useful than the knife focus attack (I haven’t tested it yet but I’m almost CERTAIN that things like Cody’s crMK will low profile the knife focus, the hitbox is alot higher up than his normal focus attack.)

I got a chance to view the hitbox for Cody’s new crMK and it’s OBSCENE, the thing is HUGE. Also I checked the file and with the way the hitboxes are ordered as long as you hit both the old and new hitbox at the same time the opponent will have to block low because the ID numbers on the hitboxes.

Yeah I did some testing and Cody’s knife focus is really easy to low profile, on certain frames even Cody’s own sweep low profiles it. The hitbox is basically the same as his sHP with knife so it doesn’t go down very far.