Omega Oni Information

So Omega mode is out and it’s dumb and broken and hilarious. Here are some day one notes / differences for Omega Oni in the 1.04 patch for Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Omega Oni

[]Air Dashes move him forward when non metered (strength determines distance).
]In addition to Tatsu cancelling, Air Dashes can also be cancelled into any AIR NORMAL attack.[/list]

[]EX Air Dash:
]LP+MP = Old LP Air Dash (forward)
[]MP+HP = Old MP Air Dash (up)
]LP+HP = Old HP Air Dash (back)
[]LP+MP+HP = new DOWNWARD Air Dash
]All EX Air Dashes are air-normal cancellable except PPP (downward one)[/list]

[*]Jump / Air Tatsu no longer seems to cross up.

[]F,D,DF+K is no longer “stomp”. It’s now a demon flip of sorts, which makes you jump up in the air.
]Pressing P during the animation causes a Stomp to come out.
[]Pressing K during it initiates a Dive Kick which can be easily combo’d off of.
]Does not appear to have an EX Version
[]First hit of Stomp followup is OVER HEAD
]Second hit of Stomp follow-up can CROSS UP (not overhead)[/list]

[*]Fireballs seem unchanged.

[*]New fireball: QCF + PPP – not really sure what use it has, seems pointless so far.

[*]New command normal, B+HP = Ryu F+HP. Combos into B+MP, TC2, etc. etc. HAS ARMOR

[*]LK Tatsu = midscreen juggle into MK Tatsu, HP SRK, or new godlike 2-bar EX SRK. In corner, same juggles all work off of HK Tatsu.

[]New combos:
]B+HP > TC2 > LK Tatsu > HP SRK = 326d/438s meterless.
[]J.HP > st.HP > LK Tatsu > HP SRK = 358d/585s meterless.
]J.HP > st.HP > LK Tatsu > EX SRK = 498d/690s 2 meters.[/list]

]LK Slash = knocks down.
[]MK Slash = combos into, 2 hits, knocks down 2nd hit. 1st hit = FADC’able for combo followup.
]HK unchanged.
[]EX unchanged.
]MK Slash = immediately projectile invulnerable as soon as it starts up. Really easy to react to fireballs.
[*]LK Slash is unsafe on block now. However, cr.MP, cr.MK, and st.MK combo into it now.[/list]

[*]Stepkick is really slow.

[*]Air Raging Demon = 420 damage. Ground Raging Demon = 450 damage.

[*]He can Air Super Cancel out of HK Tatsu any time he wants, lol

[*]Ultra 2 input = QCBx2 PPP (still juggles after EX Slash, feels like startup might be slower though)[/list]

I think he is really fun with all of his changes.

Lk tatsuputs opponent into a juggle state. S you can bmp and do a mix up with dive kick. Hk dive kick creates areally good mixup

Air dash into tatsu will hit. But jump into tatsu does not… Only in front. No crossup

All air dashes move forward to the opponent except ex air dash which is down

Air dashes are now qcb+ punch

His forward dash got much faster

So much for the thread I made. LOL

Gah! Sorry! I totally didn’t even see that thread. Maybe a mod can combine them?

It’s all good. If you can just had the info you’re missing then a mod can just delete mine.

Saw a beautiful one on facebook this morning, Jump attack into the new command normal (b.HP) into the target combo into light tatsu into light DP cancelled into Super xD