Omega red combination thread?



This threat is not just for omega red, but for omega red with specific assists that compliment him. Post things like the assists that most benefit him, combos you can do with those assists, how omega red can help the assists if you need to switch him out. Basically anything. I’m making this cause i like omega red alot, but im not really sure who to pick with him. Thanks in advanced. my aim is wildcatdt52. :slight_smile:


Same here Omega Red is My top Player Anyways I would say Dr.Doom and Anti-Air assist, This has worked well with me you call doom and meanwhile the rocks are going around doom before he throws them, Quickly air dash with omega and Get to the other side that’s good for getting into a combo if not blocked, or if it’s blocked then good chipping damage and try to the opponent open for a combo.
Also another thing you could do it’s call doom if the rocks hit then the opponent will be slightly be lift on the air, Air coil grab then throw him again on the rocks to bounce again then finish up with another coil grab (energy drain) This one it’s pretty hard to get used to and you need good timing but if done correctly it looks bad ass.


Thanks! I’ve been using Jin AA a little bit. it doesnt help me combo too much but its really useful to get people off of you. Im sure you can combo with it but im just not there yet, you know what i mean? I can usually play one character pretty well, but i can never decide on ana ssist because im not good with enough characters. Once i need to bring my assist out and play as them, ive pretty much lost…in another thread, there was a video with some really nice omegared/bison stuff, im not sure what bison was set to though. could anyone post some stuff about him?


Ideally you want someone who can use all the meter O Red can give you - he builds up alot with Burrows and assist, Omega Strikes.

And you want someone who can help him control the ground
Doom rocks are good - you can Omega Strike (qcf + K) past the opponent
Drones are good and storm proj as well.
Cyclops is good as an anti air - easy to combo coils.

Used Omega Red / Storm / Tron (proj) as a casual team.
EDIT - Omega Red with OMega strike assist.

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I like Omega Red-anti air/storm- proj/cyc-anti air

storm can make great use of the meter omega builds, her assist and cyclops assist is great. I use storm at range and when Im trying to mix up, cyc is a great option.

I can give magnus’ players a shitload of trouble with my omega, the only problem where he really suffers imo is against sentinel.


i actually do REALLY well against sentinel. What i do (I’ve been playing with doom in the last spot) is throw out the doom rocks constantly, to keep him off the ground/stop him from block stringing me. And try to camp a little bit. Sentinel is a big fat target and whenever he starts flying i just jump up and throw my coil at him. He cant block once hes in flying mode, so he either gets hit by the coil or the rocks. just rinse and repeat. Once you throw him down, if you’re feeling confident i sometimes rush in and try to combo him a little, but its risky cause hes a hard hitter. I can usually force people to switch away from him. Plus every time i get him i heal a little, so it can go on for a while.


Same here Sentinels are nothing to My Omega, Just learn their little patterns and you’ll get rid of them in no time, One thing you must learn about sentinel it’s that is more of a keep away player because he can’t fight up close it’s too slow, So Every time you fight a sentinel with Omega Play agressive against them get on their face, Just be careful for their assists though specially if they have Capcom anti air that one hurts.


I started playing Omega Red (AAA) / Silver Samurai (ground) / Juggernaut (J.punch).

Fun low tier :stuck_out_tongue:

df.RH+Juggs xx LK Strike or LP drain is ouch. Sam ground is pretty good for shenanigans, and sam gets to use the meter.

I’m going to try Jugg’s splash assist tonight. If it can hit from full screen I’ll use it with df+RH pokes.


Ghetto TriJump.

Super Jump, Down ASAP + PP then use HK. You can even do cross ups. Since you can cancel his air dash(by pressing back after the dash) you can play some mind games.


try doing hk strike and cancelling above their head into kk coil. also how coil assist is the best. it stops dhc storm and rush in mag. omega owns sentinal. you all must learn to retract the coil to cancel into a coil again. once you coilcancel you also get an extra dash. i can stay in the air like i had fly by just canceling coils. you will be suprised how fast he can throw them out repeatedly with practice. his omega strikes candouble downas secondary dash. just press down kick to land. and learn to go to neutral. you can land before ahvb hits its so good! miss neutral your sitting duck statu burrow coil into ostrike is a huge combo starter. try super jump cancel into dash instead of the intutive lk strike


whoops just lost a longer second detailed post. guess youll just have to come play me. :smiley: