Omega Red/Hulk strategies versus top tier pairs?


ex. Storm/Sent, Sent/Capcom (not a godtier member but really helps Sent)

What are some useful ways that these can help each other out?

I’m aware that with OR’s -a assist Hulk can manage a double crush but aside from that.

Would this work?
Somehow Hulk assist manages to hit, OR’s air super

Against Magneto and Storm, OR I think would prefer staying not so close. Coils and omega strikes are some tools to keep the two rush demons away. Hulk’s gamma charge assist can possibly help but they can just ad. over.

Against Sentinel/Capcom -b

OR seems to have sj. fp and maybe diagonal omega strike. Coil grab seems too risky even with his above avg stamina. Doesn’t look like Hulk can provide any help especially if he’s gamma charge assist. Hulk’s aaa not great either. Hulk assist can punish Capcom if he’s called after but then how can OR cover Hulk or himself from Sent.

Against Cable/Sent -y

Hulk can punish his moves if done on ground but smart Cables will use air versions and careful about you gamma charging under to xx gamma crush. Drones assist further enhances Cable’s keepaway. Jin -b and other assists can be extremely helpful. But can OR -a or -b assist help in this fight? Omega Red’s burrow coils can annoy Cable users for a little until they realize the range/jump. I think burrow coil before Sent releases drones sends him out but Cable users can use that as a bait to ahvb OR. OR’s -b assist can help knock Cable out of the air but then Hulk loses one of his double crush setups…

I’ve read what is posted in the character specific forums for both characters. Just hoping there’s more out there from those who may not post in those forums.


Sorry it took so long… with omega… try launcher… magic series xx to his air hyper and immediately frame kill to hulks gamma crush before red’s hyper even comes out. I don’t play omega but this is an old hat strategy for near anyone with an air hyper who has hulk behind them.

omega destroyer also pins point while nailing assist easy… so make it a team super with gamma crush… a1+a2… easy enough.


Haha unfortunately there are no frames to kill with OR’s air super

(aka that won’t work; startup is too slow)


yea i tried it out after I posted it… damn omega’s air super just sucks… why’d they make it look so cool…hehe

that tac works with almost all air supers anyways…


Corner you can do Omega red’s launcher, frame cancel omega destroyer into gamma crush. More damage if you use Doom rocks with the launcher.

Omega red can do D + LK, d + Mk, hp + gamma charge assist, reverse tiger knee carbonadium smasher x Gamma crush. Can style and do s. Hp and gamma charge assist, qcf + Hk behind opp (whiffing) and still connect carbonadium smasher.

O Red Midscreen with Doom - DF Hp and rocks, sj Coil - drain for a little bit, df throw onto rocks, carbonadium smasher XX gamma crush.

RE match ups
Omga red dies bad to Cable with cyke - drones are almost as bad, LK mag tri jumps, and random typhoons xx Hail that at best you can trade with