Omega Red Infinite



What is it exactly?


In the corner, hit someone with something that will make them go normal jump height. Here are somethings to set it up.

-Magneto Capture
-OR in the corner xx coil, throw THEM into the corner jump and start the infinite.

The infinte looks simple, but it’s hard to time. Simply.

j.lp,, j.fp and repeat!


here is an infinite that will scare the pants or any leg attire out of your opponent: just get one coil drain in and throw them strait up and then do the coil drain one straight up tap PP and then re-throw them up keep doing it over and over… OK why it works as soon as you throw them up it messes w/ the screen and you can keep doing it over and over and no one can block it! I tried it on the cpu on ALL BLOCK (this is the same comp tht can block a slide assist by woverine and a over head stomp by sent!) I threw them w/ magneto then taged in OR and did an air combo, lp mp lp mp QCF PP… they couldn’t block.<—period


Sweet Jesus Christ!!!

I was looking to do something like that for a while now. Do you just keep throwing or do you do energy drains in between?


ahahahah Eric!You need to chill out with these OR threads man.If your that desperate to learn him,then ask me:evil: !!I might not b a good OR player,but i’m not that bad!



yeah heh well you can do both of them the energy and the level one and then throw them it’s tons of fun to hear a guy named ralph start cursing while you do that to them:) hehe yeah OR is really fun to annoy and play… :smiley:



hmm while I’m in this mood here is a way to connect the carbodanium smasher while in the corner umm lets say you kill the person and the other person is going to come in: you do the Omega strike w/ hk hit them then do the CS. it connects if timed right! well i’m off to play mvc2 w/ OR.:slight_smile: happy trails