Omega Red off the start attack

Whats OR fastest hit off the start/most successful?

IIRC, d.LP, s.LP j.LP & d.LK are all 3 frames; If I start w/a attack, I normally do jf.LP + assist (occasionally d.LP), but otherwise I just block or jump back and start zoning…

I never had any luck w/LKs or df.HP so I dunno much about them.

PS: For future reference: joo’s MvC2 Frame Data ver3.3 (Basic Attacks)

cr. lk is probably the best, since its low and its 3 frames, and arguebly long range.

I get stuffed a lot when I used c.LK for some reason. I figured it was cuz of a weird hurtbox; kinda the opposite how cable’s weird hitbox c.LP beats shit it shouldn’t.

Then again, that was on arcade/DC so I dunno how it is now.