Omega Red/ Storm/ Psylocke ava


will anyone please make this avater for me? Omega red, storm and psylocke, all in pink:D I would really appreciate it. try a red background please


ill doit…but i dout i can get all in pink but ill try?



Sorry if the colors are off… had to make the pinks myself… it was rushed :frowning:


Hey thats great, thanks alot cham-13. I appreciate it. Be back in about 3 weeks.


No problem. Just let me know i you need another one in a few weeks.


kewl cham, now i know who u made it for


Its a gay color but it still looks ok…i guess:wtf:


they asked for pink so thats what they got…


sorry guys for the color, it’s my all-pink team in MvC2