Omega red stuff

I’m gonna be posting some stuff about Omega Red now and then over at in the gaming disc forums. Check it out if you’re interested.

Also, you can post questions here if you’d like me to answer anything specific. But yeah try to make it specific as possible, rather than “what r some omega combos” or “how do i fight team scrub w/ omega”. I’ll get to all that stuff soon enough =]


Sweet, thanks man.

EDIT: I hear he builds meter like a mother, is that true?

Any good match vids I should try to get on DC?

Hey clockwork ,I am messing around with OR§/Sent(drones)/Doom(AA). what problems do u think this team will encounter.

P.S: my marvel skills are very limited.:o

what’s the best thing to do after getting an opponent in a coil? usually, i try to get more meter, unless it’s against mag, cuz i wanna kill him off as fast as i can. i try throwing them behind me, but when i try to jump in to do something else, i jump backwards. do you know the properties of this? does this happen all the time (cuz it doesn’t happen all the time for me)? thanks.


Thanks for the respond, another question. What difference will it make if sentinal had drones/projectile. I know the drones gets beat by commando but doom takes care of that. And for MSP, sentinal§ can beat psy. But i was also thinking Sent’s drones creats like a wall for OR. Anyway which assist would u prefer for OR sent§ or sent(drones)

My OR Combos and resets…


*can be done on any character

launch ^ lp,lk,mp pause lk,mp coil grab(hp)

*can be done to characters the size of Cable

launch ^ lp,lk,mp airdash lp,lk,mp
the trick is to tacle forwardx2 immediately after you press the first mp…

*with assist (Doom-Beta)
*can be done on any character

launch, call Doom, lp,lk,mk,hp, rocks hit, super jump, lp, lk, mp, coil grab(hp)

the rejump can be altered with Carbonadium smasher…

*with assist(Sentinel-Gamma)
*Can be done on any character

launch, call Sent drones, lp,lk,hk, Sent drones hit, coil grab (hk)

*with assist(Mags-Alpha)
*Can be done on certain characters…
*Hard to do in a real match
*Hard to connect, call Mags, xx super jump xx airdash, mags assist hits lp,mp coil grab(hp)

*with assist(Juggernaught-Alpha)
*can be done on certain characters…
*Hard to do in a real match call Juggs,, s.hp xx ^ airdash, hk, dash in lp,mp <air combo>

I have more… But I’m getting tired so I’m moving on to…


*Very effective
*Needs a lot of practice
*Don’t abuse

launch, lp,lk,mp pause lk,mp air dash (crosses to the other side) lp,lk,mp, coil grab(hp)

*Solo/With assist (Sent-Beta)
*In corner

launch ^ lp, lk, mp, hp, hk, land,,, walk… grab(hp), normal jump, lp, call Sent, mp, hp, sent drones hit, rejump, lp, mp, coil grab (lp)

the lp after the 1st normal jump connects (combo)… I think this version of the corner reset is the mosr unpredictable…

Any tips on how to build meter fast???

Hey clockwork… Since you’re best known for your Strider/Doom lockdown… Could you teach me how you fight this team usign Omega Red? Especially at damage level 1 where Strider won’t easilly die doing coils)…

lol; since we just posting combos, he got that combo of death with sent and IM lol,, s.rh, tk’ed carb. smasher DHC’ed into HSF

it will scale and look as if you DHC’ed from morrigan’s darkness illusion or some name like that, the damn beat’em up super

I just made this combo and it looks really cool!

*with assist (Sent-Gamma)

launch, call Sent, lp,lk,mk,hk, sent drones hit, while falling… lp, land, launch <air combo>

looks really cool really!:smiley:

What the f…k happened to clockwork?


i love omega red but i have 2 questions how can i use his air specail in a combo & and what does he say when he does his air combo this will sound dumb i mean really dumb but i thijnk it says time to make a spaceship! lol

I have been trying to learn Omega Red to take the place of Storm on point and supplement my
Cable AA/Doom AA team to help build meter and control space, and i was doing pretty good until i started losing to a really good
Iceman/Sent/Commando team. Basically if i do anything defensively i get killed in like ten seconds or something like that.
I am used to rushing down bastards like Iceman when i have Storm but i have only minor success trying rushdown with Omega against Iceman.
My question is… Is it possible to play a strong offense
with Omega/Cable AA/Doom AA against Iceman/Sent/commando?

and would it help me to try to learn Omega offensive combos first or to try to use him defensively since i am just starting to use him?

You can connect his air super(Carbonadium Smasher) only with the help of an assist. No solo combos for that.

You’re gonna have to play cheap against Iceman. Just get near him and call doom. Don’t attack too much. Just get near him and tighten your defense. He would most probably call commando when you’re near. Once you pin him down with doom, do some, faint,lk(try to alter things up) to build meter… By the way… Storm is still a better choice if it’s winning that you want…

Poor clock’s thread is full of all the stuff he asked it not to be full of.

how do you do a double coil throw?

Actually bushido heat posted a way of comboing carb smasher a while ago. Here it is:

With your back to corner launch then do whichever air combo you want ending with a coil throw to the wall(making sure your back is still relatively close to the wall) then cancel into carb smasher. It’s probably not terribly useful but it’s there nonetheless.


you use his air special with rogue’s throw assists , it works perfect

someone said that omega can only connect hi super with an assist in the air. actually you can land this combo without an assist but it must be done in the corner. once you have your back facing the corner launch the character and drain him/her. throw the character towards the wall immediately followed by the super. the trick is to do the super the opposite way once you have thrown him to the wall. it should work on characters the size of cable. personally i just drain again after i throw them against the wall. its easier and does around the same damage.

dude that was just posted 2 posts ago. . . lol :eek: