Omega Tournament #2 RESULTS ZOMG! YAY! Charlottesville, Va 12/18/10

Had some good times, It was an all around great tournament! Shout outs to ryry and lud for coming out! Gratz to cville finally leveling up! and getting in the top 3. Good shit all around!

Gonna upload the brackets later today.

Super Street Fighter 4
32-man bracket

2 JayinVA (SOVA)
3 The Mole (Charlottesville)
4 The Driver Charlottesville)
5 RyRy (So/Nova)
5 Walkswiththunder(SOVA)
7 Cory Carrion (SOVA)
7 Kaynon Hoggan (SOVA)
9 Havitz (Charlottesville)
9 Kevin Anderson (SOVA)
9 Milkman (SOVA)
9 Seanmiyagi (SOVA)
13 Savage (RVA)
13 Jamal Fowler (Charlottesville)
13 Enigma (RVA)
13 Fuerte (SOVA)
17 Brandan Johnson (Charlottesville)
17 Peter Yim (SOVA)
17 Offdacharts (SOVA)
17 Alex Taylor (Charlottesville)
17 John Anglada (SOVA)

Super Street Fighter 4 Teams
8-man bracket

1 Hulkmaster (LUD, Heru, Seanmiyagi)
2 Me And the revolution (Fuerte, JayinVA, JERRY)
3 Team DragonQuest! (Ryry, Mito, Twitchmaster)
4 Last tuesday (The Driver, Mole, Misguidedfear)
5 team (Havitz, Steve, Alex)
5 Team What Ev-a (Enigma, Darkjen, Offdacharts)

Blazblue CS
16-man bracket

1 RyRy
2 Enigma
3 DMG Ludd
4 TheDAN
5 Seanmiyagi
5 ogre
7 WatchOutforSnakes
7 Brandan Johnson
9 Alex Taylor
9 Jamal Fowler

gotta say yesterday was awesome, was my first tourney and I had a great time out there. GGs to everyone I played. Definitely looking forward to the next one.

Another great tournament. Good to see people from all around VA and some from MD coming to the tournament here. Good games to all.

Now back to training so I can take first next time. I will be looking forward to redeeming myself against the people I lost to yesterday.

Loads of fun yesterday. Awesome tournament as per usual. GGs to everyone I played and props to The Mole for knocking me out.

It was nice seeing all the VA/DC/MD people. Definitely gonna try to find time to travel to more tournaments.

Congrats on your tournament. Looks like it went well.

Now who the hell are all of these SoVA people I’ve never heard of?

I was about to ask the same thing…

Good stuff, everyone. I’m sad I couldn’t make it.

haha I’m sure I haven’t been heard of but I’m hoping to change that. I live in a town with absolutely no scene at all and It’s hard to travel since I’m the carless wonder but I plan to make it out to the rva the tourney jan 8th and I was told there should be another tourney next month in cville so I’ll be there too. Hopefully I can skill up between now and then, lot’s of good players out there yesterday, not too disappointed with my performance overall it was mad fun. props to ryry for knocking me out with that nasty bison.

no serious, who the fuck are any of these people?

Dude…change my name to Kaynon on the team battle, Jerry…seriously? Lol

GGs everyone who came…Lud GS, I’ve never seen some of the chun links you hit me with in the finals, definitely a top level chun. Jimmel and Mito …(asian foomy…wtf lmao) Please for the team tourney results fix Kaynon’s name…its not Jerry…

The End Good hosts, matches didnt take too long to get to, the other tournaments didnt interfere with ours, it was ran pretty well, thanks for hostin

Daaaaamn RyRy what happened out there?

Good tournament, Good Environment.