Omega USF4 Dan is literally everything we ever requested and what we ever wanted

Command grab, overhead, cr.hp is super fast and links after, DAMAGE, combos, cl.hp forces stand and is really fast, IA EX Danku is a overhead divekick and is perfect to get over fireballs, got buffed with farther reach and goes forward slightly, is cancable etc etc.

The list goes on.

Some small nerfs however. Heavy normals don’t do as much damage as before and lk.Danku feels like it lost some active frames.

But it gets overshadowed by everything else.

It is done.

Dan have reached Saikyo heaven.


EDIT 2: Here’s the movelist for Omega. Does not include all the changes to specials and normals.

Air EX danku is not an overhead, but the arc on it is cool. And in general this would be a great change list if it were applied to the real Dan. Maybe drop EX danku damage a bit and I think it’d be totally legit.

I love this version of character. Fierce buttons need to be given to Ultra Dan too.

Digging O.Dan but not a fan of hk danku arc, also had problem with cl hk hp-krk on rufus

Don’t bother with HP.krk. It’s start-up/hitbox have been severely altered so it’s almost just a AA move now and nothing else. Do LP.krk, its reach got super buffed + all krk got damage buffs.

Forgot to mention this. MK and HK danku are far more punishable. Around -6 to -7 on block. Fair trade-off in my opinion. LK Danku is still the same and with everything else Dan got, I don’t mind it.

anyone else notice that towards the end of dans dash seems to be cancelable into normals?

looks like you can cancel into normal at any point of fw dash

I’ve been maining Dan since Omega. Omega Dan has a push block.

A few things I noticed

  • His Super Saikyo Jump Taunt is no longer a super jump, same jump as his normal
  • Taunting doesn’t gain you meter, even on hit but the animation is much quicker
  • Close st HP forces standing… makes it easier to land a MK and HK Dan kick without wiffing
  • Close st MK (1st hit) forces standing
  • Back throws the opponent does not land next to Dan, but slightly further

Besides the Ultra and Super Moves Dan doesn’t have a hard knock down move. Even throws and crouch hk does not hard knock down.

MK and HK Danku both have more pushback, EX might. HK Danku, when timed correctly, will destroy projectile tossers.

haha it sure does

best thing about O-Dan is QCBx2 for Hissho Buraiken. QCFx2 motion was simply THE MOST ANNOYING thing about him! So many unnecessary supers.

I know this is hella late but I only started messing around with Dan last week. As a KOF player, there’s a lot of references to KOF Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, and Takuma Sakazaki with Omega Dan.

  • Zanretsuken/Danretsuken, which is obvious. Being able to juggle on EX is similar to the way Ryo’s works in KOF 13.
  • f + HP = Ryo’s f + LP. Similar animation, just with the opposite hand, Ryo’s is an overhead too.
  • Air EX Danku Kyaku I think is a nod to Robert’s air qcb + K, similar angle and something you used to catch people on the ground with and to change your jump trajectory.
  • Modified cl HP animation is a reference to KOF XIII Ryo’s close HP, uses the same hand too and seems to be as fast as Ryo’s
  • Dan’s back throw and how it throws the guy pretty far compared to his Ultra throw is a reference to the way Takuma (Ryo’s Dad) HK throw works.
  • Dan’s EX command throw (360 + KK) is a reference to Takuma’s HP throw, where he slams the enemy onto their back, then strikes them for an extra hit; Dan uses the other hand.
  • Dan’s far MK’s speed I THINK is also a reference to 98 Ryo’s far + LK, which was a really fast poke with crazy range. Them adding that knee though I guess is an added bonus.
  • Dan’s faster cr HP makes it as good as Ryo’s for antiair.
  • Dan’s Hishou Buraiken (QCF x 2 + P in Ultra, QCB x 2 + P in Omega) has a vacuum effect, and if you get hit by the first hit of it, you get “sucked in” to the rest. Also, instead of doing the final dp + P that leaves you wide open, it abruptly stops. This is very similar to the behavior of what are known as “Ranbu” or “Rush” supers in KOF 98, where characters with these types of supers will do a flurry of attacks, but will stop partway through, and if you’re unfortunate enough to extend your hitbox into the super, you will get “sucked” in and eat all the hits, no matter where you are.

I am genuinely impressed by how shameless Capcom’s Omega adaptation of Dan was. I felt right at home being able to do all of Ryo’s moves and the little workarounds they did to animate these moves (and did they really have the voice actor record DANRETSUKEN!) is very impressive. Sad we won’t get to play a Dan that is near-perfect like this outside of Omega mode. :frowning:

Wasn’t Dan created to take the piss out of Ryo in the first place?