Omen of Sorrow, new fighting game for Windows and PlayStation 4


…and made in my country, Chile.

Developed by AONE Games for PS4 and PC, the creators wanted to make a fighting game with “classic horror characters” in a very Mortal Kombat-esque gameplay style.

Funny enough, the leader of the project commented here in my country that the real reason why they decided to make a fighting game is because “there is only Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat so we wanted to make something unique, a new fighting game”, yeah, you can laugh now.

In pre-alpha state now.


I refuse to accept any fighting coming out of Chile that doesn’t let me have Pinochet as the training mode dummy.


Always interested in new fighters, will follow this thread…

However it is kind of worrisome with their lack of knowledge of other fighting games… Or maybe they meant as far as popular mainstream fighters.

What else have these guys done?


Making of video (low quality)


Looks terrible.


Looks like they are putting a lot of work into it, by the low quality video it looks good so far, perhaps my only concern is how much experience they have with the genre, seeing that they seem to know only mk and sf, lol.


Another video from their facebook page


Is on Steam Greenlight now

New name: Omen of Sorrow, for 2017…


Game starting to look really good. Now just hoping the gameplay is solid.


It hard for me to form an opinion on the game when so little real game play was shown. From what I can tell, the animations are at least decent. I’m not a huge fan of the art direction, but that’s pretty subjective anyhow.

Hopefully you can show more in-depth game play. I’ll bet your campaign will do better if you did that.


The game is apart of the Square Enix Collective now. It’s looking for votes to get the chance of for a crowdfunding campaign


Oh boy. Is the second era of poor Mortal Kombat knockoffs upon us?

Which game will become the next Tattoo Assassins?


Giga Maidens :coffee:


There is a block button???

Chris Paul passssssssssssss


They need to work on the animations


I look forward to seeing this game progress and grow.


Then they nailed the MK style


Street Fighter has MK and Dark Stalkers has this.


I don’t know. They’ve nailed that clunky Mortal Kombat esque gameplay style down pretty well. I didn’t think it was possible to make a fighter look worse than that game but…surprise surprise.


nothing will be as poorly animated as mortal kombat and it’s clones.
But mkx is the exception to all of that clunky ass choppy stopmotion. Long live mkx and everything after it.
Robot chicken has smoother frames than the previous entries.